Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Boat Parade

We experienced a 'first' last night as we went to the Christmas Boat Parade, hosted by our local yacht club.  The area where we live has tons of rivers everywhere, so being on the water is a big part of life.  We'd heard about a boat parade they've done before but it wasn't until I saw the advertisement in the paper that we nailed down the location, time, and date.  It was a perfect end to Thanksgiving weekend and welcome to Christmas event. 

At a little past 6:30 we hopped in the van, bedecked in our Santa hats, Christmas lights necklaces, winter coats and gloves, and drove downtown to park near the main river that carries larger crafts through our community.  We walked around a little to find a perfect spot.
A sleepy looking Joshua - actually not sleepy, just mid-blink.

We were trying different camera settings to get the lights in their full display, so when we took this one of the girls it was still on that setting.  Bad for still photos, but catches their Christmas attire. :)
The arrival of the boats was expected at 7 p.m.  The parade actually started at 5, but that was down river a few miles, going past other communities throughout our county. 

We soon found a boatload (pun intended:)) of people lining the river.  A popular restaurant in the river had a ton of people awaiting the arrival, too.  The atmosphere was pretty cool.  We only waited a couple of minutes before we saw lights show up around the bend in the river several hundred yards away. 
This is the view of the restaurant, across the river from where we stood

There were small boats, large boats, a few yachts, a couple fire boats, the state patrol boat, and one or two that referenced crabbing, so possible work boats, too.  It was awesome.  The fire boat led the way and did a few donuts in the water - so fun, and played Christmas music.  All were decorated to the hilt with Christmas lights and other ornaments. 
Blurry picture of one of the fire boats

We were at the end of the parade route and so the boats would turn around and start their way back to the yacht club
All in all it lasted only about 15-20 minutes, but it was so fun, with a flair of the local way of life here.  Matt and I are still so awed by the difference of the way we were raised - in the mountains, with wide open spaces - and what our children will remember as the way they grew up - water everywhere, trees everywhere - it's crazy. 

What a fun new family holiday tradition. :)