Sunday, September 20, 2015

St. Louis (from Matt's Perspective)

I need to get Matt on here as an administrator.  He would do a much better job of keeping up.  He also is more of a photographer than I am.

Last week he emailed me all of his pictures from our trip and a healthy chunk of them were from St. Louis.

Before starting our tour of the arch we started in what I think was the old state house, or maybe a courthouse.  I feel badly that I didn't take note. 

This building had a beautiful rotunda where we even got a short solo vocal performance from a tour guide/ranger man, to demonstrate the amazing acoustics. 

It was gorgeous.  And although it wasn't air conditioned it was much better than the stifling heat and humidity we would step out into.
I apologize for making this next comment but my self-conscious self has to.  No, I am not expecting, even though all of the pictures I'm posting in the coming days would say otherwise.  My poncherello is sadly, very visible. Moving on.

The short walk to the arch was beautiful, despite the heat. Wow, it was a beast.  We thankfully ducked into the underground visitor's center and waited for our turn in the arch.

 I could've sworn I'd been in the arch as a child, but I sure don't remember getting in the egg-like compartment we had to sit in to ride to the top.  It reminded me of a rickety old wooden roller coaster, except it moved slowly like a Ferris wheel that is letting passengers off.   I can't find the picture, but will load it once I do.  There were only five seats, so Joshua sat on Matt's lap. 

Once at the top it was very cramped and I had a sensation of uneasiness.  After a couple of minutes of adjustment, we all were awed by the sights below. 

Our children were pretty excited by all the facts they learned and the movie we watched.  The arch is 630 feet high - pretty awe-inspiring that they would've even attempted a feat like that in the 60's.  The had no way of building higher than a crane could reach, so they had to invent a way.  That turned out to be a crane that basically hooked onto the side of the arch and moved on tracks up as they continued to build.  When the contractors took on the job they had figured that they would loose 12 men in construction-related accidents.  They didn't loose one!  It's thought that because it was such an ominous project that they workmen took such precautions that accidents were prevented.  Such a cool experience!