Friday, January 30, 2015

New Year's Eve

Matt and I haven't really been big New Year's Eve goers.  In fact, this year Matt said to me, "I stayed up with Kate last year, so I guess it's your turn this year."  The year before that, Wes and I were the only ones to make it.  So this year we planned with a purpose.  :)

We made up a bunch of games, blew and taped up balloons so that we could pop one as each hour went by, and watched a movie. 

We didn't expect Joshua to make it until midnight, so it wasn't surprising when he fell asleep at 9:30.  I think Matt made it until 10:30.  But Wes, Kate and Sophie were going strong until about 11:30.  That last hour was hard.  I was tired, and by that point didn't care if I/we rang in the new year.  But we made it!  We bought those little blow horn things and some firecracker snaps, and made a tiny ruckus in our neighborhood.  It ended up being really fun.

Some of our family goals for this year: 

*Kindness - work on it  Ü
*Have a service-oriented FHE once per month.
*Train to run in the Lamb Scram (Wes & Kate:  1-mile run at Lamb Days in F.G., UT)
*Eat more healthy.
*Complete Personal Progress (me), Bear (Wes), Faith in God (Kate).

Spa Night

Matt works with the Young Men at church and so one night when he was at an activity the rest of us decided to have a spa night.  Wes acted like he was appalled at the idea, but I knew he secretly wanted to get in on the action.  ;)

We started off by applying the necessary mud masks.  Sadly, I didn't have any cucumbers. Ü

We then went to pedicures.

(Yes, Joshua and Wes included.  Joshua chose a translucent-y brown polish.  Wes opted for the no-polish option and just got a nice buffing.)

I still had some old Mary Kay product from at least 13 years ago to do the magic hands treatment. And then I painted three of the four pairs of hands.

It was a fun night!

Christmas Break 2014

We had a full two weeks of family time over Christmas Break this year.  It was heavenly!  We planned a lot of outings, but ended up doing just a couple of them, and opted for a much quieter Christmas.  It turned out to be so relaxing and enjoyable.

Ice skating was on our 'must do' list, with D.C. as the destination.  But with distance, and a few stomach blahs, we decided to stay closer to home, so we opted for O.C., instead of D.C.  Ü

Our kids were so excited to get on skates.  Matt wisely stayed outside of the rink, making it so an adult was with the kids who were taking a break.  This allowed me more one-on-one time with Sophia and Joshua.  Wes and Kate had been roller skating before so they were had a little experience. 

The rink was a small indoor one in the courtyard of a hotel.  When I first saw it I thought it would be too confining, but it turned out to be perfect for beginners. 

At one point Kate was really struggling and we were asked to leave the rink so the Zamboni could smooth the ice, so this nice teenager helped Kate off while I helped Sophie and Joshua.

These metal walker thingys helped beginners and Joshua took to it like a fish in water.  He barreled around so fast that I often had to catch up to him and steer him away from slower skaters.  'No fear' is his mantra.

Sophie was very timid at first but after the first 30-45 minutes, she felt confident to go with the walker on her own.

I think we found a new Christmas Break tradition.  Ü