Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Quaintness of Life on the Eastern Shore

Yesterday was one of those days you have to remember.  We started it off by spending a couple of hours at the Cove.  It's a small beach area on the Chesapeake Bay side of the Eastern Shore.  It's perfect because the water is really no more than waist high for children for a couple hundred yards.  The only downside can be the tiny jellyfish which seem to come more when the water has warmed - which hasn't been a problem this year.

Sophie, Joshua and I are still on our own for a few more days so one of our jobs is Matt's garden.  It's a plot of land owned by a ward member's father about 20-25 minutes from our house.  It's one of Matt's hobbies.  It's where he gets to be a little bit of the farmer that he really is.  :)  We have a smaller garden at our house, but this other one is where Matt gets to really dig in.

Based on the geography of our home, the Cove, and our bigger garden, it made more sense to go directly from the Cove to the garden via the ferry.

The Eastern Shore has quite a few waterways throughout it, and a few of them have ferries.  It's very cool, and hasn't gotten old in the four years we've been here.  So Joshua, Sophie and I took off from our morning at the beach and explored the back roads of the Shore.  It was beautiful!  If I weren't driving I would've provided pictures. 

Soon we were in line for the ferry.
Sophie asked who lived in that big house.  When I told her it was a Bed & Breakfast, kind of like a hotel, she said it didn't look like a hotel.  :)

These small ferries hold two vehicles, or maybe three small cars.  Soon enough the ferry had made its way back to our side and we and the truck in front of us drove on board.
It's a short ride, less than five minutes, but pretty awesome.

We wound our way through more back country and I kept thinking, "I'd be willing to drive a little farther to church and shopping to be able to live out here."

Soon we were at our garden.  Holy Smoke, Matt would be proud.  It's doing awesome!  In fact I was ill-prepared for the bounty.  So we ended up turning on the water, weeding a bit, filling our 6-gallon bucket with tomatoes and other produce, and then took off farther south to the nearest town to get another bucket.  The plan was to visit a local creamery for a tasty Eastern Shore ice cream cone as well, but I couldn't seem to find the place.  I have a better idea of where it is now, so that's on our to-do list at the end of the week when we go to harvest more.

When we got back to the garden we turned off the water and picked some more.  We ended up with this.
So today our home smells of onions, tomatoes and garlic as we make spaghetti sauce.  Sophia loves the idea of harvesting and preserving food for the winter.  She's a true Laura Ingalls Wilder kind of gal and true gardener at heart.  She'll often say that we need to go check "our crops". 

What a wonderful day.  We returned home so thankful for where we live and the simple pleasure of a garden.

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