Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Capitol Fourth

By this point all my intentions of staying in chronological order have gone out the window.  With that in mind, here's a bucket list event we checked off in July.

Matt's a huge fan of PBS Memorial Day and Independence Day programs, the one's that usually rerun on a Sunday night of music, celebrities and a whole lot of patriotic fanfare.  Ever since we moved here he thought it would be fun to go to one of these celebrations at the U.S. Captiol, but the idea of throngs of humanity kept us away.  Finally last year he said, "Let's go for the Capitol Fourth." 

Armed with advice from friends who've gone, we parked at one of the farthest out train stations and commuted in.  After weaving our way through security we found there was plenty of lawn space in front of the Capitol, as long as you were okay with being in the wings.  We were totally fine with that, and settled in for a couple hour wait before the show started.  Some of our friends came shortly after and that added to the fun.
By the time the show started it was pretty packed, but there was room enough to dance along if you wanted to ... which Sophia did.  :)
The show was surprisingly short - only about 75-90 minutes, which was just perfect for our crew.  The fireworks themselves were only 15-20 minutes long.  But it was pretty cool seeing them with the backdrop of the Washington Monument.

A ton of people started packing up to leave just as the fireworks were starting, so by the time they were finished, we left with relative ease.  We walked back to the underground station.  We had to wait in a line for about 15 minutes to get onto the jam-packed trains, but we learned later that our wait was a breeze compared with our friends' two hour wait.  They went to a station right at the heart of the Mall, along with just about every other Tom, Dick and Harry.  We got home by 1 a.m., and they rolled in at 3 a.m.  (the drive home takes about 2 1/2 hrs).

It was pretty neat.  Probably not something we'll do every year, but on occasion. 

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Jen said...

so Rose is TERRIFIED of fireworks so mike and i cuddled up on the couch and watch the Capitol Fourth. Funny/fun that you were actually there! Also, we love the memorial day tribute show too!