Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Matt 24 - 2014

Last year our family was introduced to Math 24.  I don't think that's its official name, but it's what Wes and Kate call it.  In 1st grade Kate was the Chipman representative in the county competition, and this year Wes was it. 

Wes' class started each morning with a Math exercise and shortly after the start of school started playing the Math 24 game.  Kate's class never played it ... the entire year.  I had issues with that, but now that it's mid-summer, I'm over them.  Anyway, Wes worked hard and took the honors. 
 Last year both Matt and I went to the competition, but this year Matt was somewhere else, (I can't remember, Sophie's ballgame, maybe?) and so Wes and I went alone.  I wasn't nearly as nervous as last year since I knew what to expect.  Many of the same children from past years were their school's reps again.  Winning is very important to Wesley and so I gently tried to tell him that the competition was tough and that it was an honor to even be there.  Well, that boy went through the competition and ended up winning the whole thing.  I was so surprised.  Some of those kids were so fast and had every fact memorized to the smallest detail, but what served Wes well was that he kept his cool.  Speed is key in the game (how fast you buzz in), and can work against you if you pull your trigger too quickly.  He worked his way through the rounds and by gum, he won.

Congratulations, Wes!  You did well:)

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