Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shark Teeth

We got the term 'shark teeth' from some friends whose daughter went through the same thing earlier this year.  One night when I was helping Sophie with her teeth I noticed her two permanent bottom teeth were up through the gums.  Her baby teeth were loose, but not enough to pull.  But through our friends' experience with their daughter, we knew that in time things would work naturally.
Finally the big day came this week when Sophie was brave enough to let me pull the loosest one.  It came because she was having a hard time eating.  So out it came and seriously, within four days, that baby has almost moved completely forward.  But I'm pretty sure this little lady will need braces.  She was not blessed with a gigantic mouth like her sister.  She's the only one of our children who's had dental problems because her teeth are so tight that she's had cavities between teeth.  The blessing from all of that though is that she is very good about flossing and fluoride. 
She was so excited!  I tried to get her to let me loosen the other bottom tooth, but she wasn't having any of it :)


Two months ago Wes bought a chess set at the store for $2.50.  That day he took it out and asked if we could teach him how to play.  Fast forward to now and he beats me more than 50% of the time, and has nearly beaten Matt a couple of times.

Last year at our children's elementary school I remember seeing signs for a chess club so I told Wes he should ask about it.  Turns out there isn't one this year.  But one day as I was reading the board of ed website to see how they were going to make up all the snow days we've had (I think it's 8 or 9 now), I noticed a chess tournament.  I emailed his teacher to get information and signed him up.
Grades 2-5 were included in the tournament and he was one of sixteen 2nd graders, and the only one from his school.  It's funny to see your child's personality and what's important to them.  All he wanted was a trophy.  We've really tried to help him see the fun in the experience and the friends you make, but he always seems to be so set on prizes.  Anyway, he just knew he was going to win :) .  One thing we really worked on during the weeks leading up to the tournament was sportsmanship because he always really had a hard time when he lost at home.  So I was really pleased with how he handled himself that night.

They played four games and Wes won twice, tied once, and lost once.  He ended up 4th place which we thought was awesome considering he just started a few weeks ago and isn't part of a club at school.
He didn't get a trophy but he was pretty happy with the medal and told me that next year he's going to win a trophy for sure;) .