Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Matt and I celebrated our anniversary in January.  He was still out for winter break and so we planned a day-date, since three of our children would be in school.  Joshua was the lucky duck who came along for the adventure.

We decided to go to St. Michael's- a quaint, little community with a history and current economy which is sea-driven.  Our plan was to visit the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and visit shops downtown, grab a bite to eat and just enjoy the day.  It ended up being a drizzly day, so we just played it by ear.

Because of the weather, and since it was the middle of the week, we only saw a handful of other people throughout the day.  It was perfect!
There were a dozen or so buildings located on the 'campus' of this museum.  We mostly went to ones that had some interactive things for Joshua.
 This is a lighthouse that was rebuilt after the original was dashed to pieces during a particularly terrible storm.  It was relocated to the museum acres many years ago.
 We smiled at this explanation of how to tell a male from a female crab.  You know you live close to the nation's capitol when markings on the crabs are compared to national monuments;).  (The male's markings look like the Washington monument, and the female's look like the Capitol building)
Here's Matt showing us how to get oysters from off the ocean floor.

A couple of the museum buildings had ships you could walk on with mannequins portraying the work that was done on them.  We didn't stay in those buildings long since it was wigging Joshua out a bit, but they were pretty cool.  I realized I would never make it as a seaman.  They work long, hard hours out in the most brutal of elements.
This last building we went in there were several men building a large fishing oat.  We kind of felt bad when we saw sign asking for pine donations.  We had just finished cutting down our Loblolly Pines in front of our yard and two of them would have been large enough for the museum's ship building project.  They would have even come and hauled it off for free!  We wished there were some sort of communication between the museum and the tree companies so that good wood could have been used.  We probably should have done some more homework.  Oh well.  If we ever decide to cut down the remaining four pines in the backyard, we'll know who to call.
We started running out of time and needed to pick up Wes, Kate and Sophie from school so we had to bag the stroll downtown, but it was still raining so we figured we'll do that with the family sometime this summer during nicer weather.  It's so fun to learn about this area and it's long ties with the sea.  We still haven't made it out to Smith Island, but hope to this summer.