Sunday, January 19, 2014


Wesley and Kate turned eight at the end of November.  This year it ended up being the day before Thanksgiving.  Back in the summer, Matt and I invited our parents to the baptism have Thanksgiving with us.  We were surprised and excited that all four of them said yes!  We even gained the bonus of two aunts as well!  Matt's sisters, Bonnie and Laurel, haven't been to visit us in Maryland and decided to see what all the fuss was about:).

Much planning went into this.  We wanted to invite as many of our school and neighborhood friends as possible, so they could understand a little more about what makes us tick, and the church in general:).  We ended up inviting 30+ friends, and were pleased that five came, a family in our neighborhood and the principal from Wes, Kate and Sophia's school.  Our church family supported us a ton too, and we were even lucky enough to have Matt's cousin and her family come from across the bridge (D.C. area) to be with Wes and Kate (Thanks Caytee and Preston!)
 Kate was most nervous about the Bishop interview.  But after we talked about it and reminded her that Bishop Hoppes is one of the nicest people around, not to mention her good friend, she decided she wouldn't hyperventilate:).

It was a really nice day.  We were so happy to have so many family and friends share this day with us!

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