Monday, December 9, 2013

Not forgotten

Blogging is obviously not the sharing-medium of choice these days, but for me it's still the only place I'll actually share.  And although I haven't posted since October, I still look every day to see what our friends and other well-loved blogs have to say.  But I'd say it's past time we actually did some sharing around here.

So much has happened.  We've been doing more on our much-neglected house (we had so many plans when we first moved in;)), we've also gotten into full holiday mode.  We've had visits from both sides of the family, specifically to celebrate two, very special, 8-year old's.  And we had family pictures from a real photographer:).  We've done our own family pictures for the last two years with the aid of a timer and fast running legs:).

Here's the background for the pictures ... not excuses, just giving the whole story:).  It had been a busy day already (very busy week, for that matter).  When we went to try on Kate's jeans, they were floods.  Seriously, that girl grows a half inch per week these days.  I didn't have time to buy jeans so I went up to the attic where I knew we had some older-aged hand-me-downs.  The jeans I found were size 12, but I figured she needed the length for a 10-year old anyway, so an extra 2 sizes wouldn't be too bad, right?  Poor girl spent the whole time tripping over the leg excess.

It was also misting, if that's a meteorological term.  Not drizzling, misting - the air was very heavy.  By the end it did turn to drizzle, so as the shoot went along, my hair gained volume.  I wish I could say that was a good thing, but it is what it is.  I was blessed with wiry, mostly-unmanageable, locks.

Joshua was not in prime form, but he was cute - we'll leave it at that.

Our photographer also took some pictures of just Matt and me.  Boy we've aged, and could both use a little slimming down (once again I'm just giving the background, no excuses).  When I described some of these things to Matt after I'd seen some samples of our shoot, he said, "you mean it was real-to-life?"  Leave it to him help me appreciate reality.  I laughed and decided that I loved the pictures. Every. single. one.  It's who we are at the point in time, and it's with the people we want to be with more than anyone else.  I also appreciate that our photographer doesn't photoshop to make us look better (not that she doesn't know how to, but that she chooses not to).  It makes me wish I would have relaxed a little more that day, and not worried about Joshua's craziness and everyone's hair, and just sat back and enjoyed the fact that we're all healthy and happy. Glad I can do that now as I reminisce.

So here we are ... Bailey Family 2013.
I especially love the zoned-out looks and gray hairs:).

I love my family.