Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to School - 2013

My dad has sayings that are uniquely his, Barry-isms, if you will, and one of them is "one who cannot sleep is a fool for trying".  So since I cannot sleep, I'll follow in his footsteps and get up and do something:)   ...

We have been back in school for one week now.  My days are very different than they were 10 days ago.  I seem to be even busier than before, if that's possible.  I miss my kids, and Joshua probably does even more than I.  But it's been very exciting and challenging.  Sophie is in Kindergarten and seems to be adjusting well to the full day.

Kindergartners have staggered days for the first week and she only went Wednesday, but has been going full steam this week.  The first day was somewhat traumatic as she was taken to the bus line after school.  We waited in the van until the school officials walkie-talkied back and forth and finally brought her to us.  She came around the corner of the school building with tear stained cheeks and when she saw me she broke down into sobs.  My heart ached for her and the emotions she was feeling.  She stayed in my arms a full three minutes until she calmed down enough so we could buckle up and drive away. But after that, it's been a breeze.  Wes is our worrier and that first day she didn't come to the car rider line he kept asking me, "Mom, what if we can't find her?  What if she goes on the bus and we can't find her?"  He was very concerned.  I think that's why he's taken special care to pick her up from her classroom now.  That, and also because in Wes' back to school Priesthood blessing, Matt blessed him to watch over his sisters at school.

There are some people who don't like school uniforms (including Kate) but I love them.  Shopping is a breeze and they look so darn cute in them.  Sophie is a dress wearer, so she's taken all the practically unworn parts of Kate's uniform from last year.

 Here's to a great school year!