Friday, August 2, 2013


Yesterday I took a video of Joshua - which I'll share soon, it's pretty hilarious - and as I sat on the couch next to Matt to show it to him, I got to scrolling through the 538 pictures I have on there since we moved here. It made me realize how quickly children grow and how many summer activities I haven't documented:).  So here's a fun one ...


Never in a million years would I have imagined, as a 10-year old girl growing up in Ephraim, Utah, that some day my ward campout would include beaches, wild horses and dophins, all in an 18-hr period.  But then again, I don't think I would've imagined that my small-town loving best friends would have lived in and traveled frequently to other parts of the world either.  Going to Provo on our own was the thrill of a lifetime!  Let alone living in Japan and traveling to the Far East and extensively through South America.

The Primary (children's organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) was in charge of the major planning and so we got kickin'.  I've got the best. counselors and secretary. EVER.  It made it a really fun and easy activity.

We gathered on a Friday afternoon, set up tents, and started cooking.

We ended up having just over 50 people come, which is pretty good taking into account our average Sacrament Mtg. attendance is 95, half of which are seasoned citizens.

After dinner we had a variety show where each auxillary was in charge of a segment.  They included a rock version of "Popcorn Popping", a solo guitarist, the background of Coast Guard duties and history, a skit which included a Mormon version of "Are you going to Scarborough Fair", and a lip sync of "I Will Survive" by the Primary Presidency.  The Bishop rounded it out with some thoughts and a marshmallow attack.  It was pretty fun.

After that, we packed up and a little more than half of the people went home.  Those who stayed behind got ready for bed and started to settle in tents.  Then the wind picked up.  We halfway expected this, just because that's what it does at night when the cool air meets with warm air on the beach line.  But then a storm popped up out of seemingly nowhere and we had a roller coaster ride for a good 15 minutes.  It was gusting so badly that tents started collapsing.  At one point Sophie was lying down on her sleeping bag with her head at the back of the tent and with a wind gust she looked like the wicked witch of the east, with only her trunk and legs visible.  The tent side dipped in with such force that I couldn't even hold it up to get it off her face and shoulders.  She screamed like a banshee, complete with legs kicking and arms flailing.  We made a quick decision to pack up the big tents because their high-profile was where most of the problem was.  After packing up with two of them and seeing the families on their way (at 10:15 p.m.) I went back to our tent to find three of our four children sleeping.  The wind had died down considerably and so Matt suggested we just stay.  The small tents stayed too and it ended up being fine.  

The next adventure started at 2 a.m. when I awoke after hearing a pawing noise.  The beach island where we were is home of wild horses, so I peaked my head outside the tent and saw the profile of a horse pawing at our three coolers.  It had knocked one of them over and was busily eating some of our breakfast.  I think the activity and busyness of the night before made us forget logic and pack our coolers away in a vehicle or tent, but there it was, eating our bananas and bagels.  I woke up Matt and he spent the next hour or two chasing horses away.

Just like any other camping it's pretty hard to sleep past when the sun starts to come up, and for us on the beach that was just about 5 a.m.
 That's been one of our beach life bucket list items: to see the sun rise over the ocean.  It's pretty incredible.  Matt and I walked to the water and marveled at the beauty for a bit then looked back and found our little ones still in slumberland.

After a breakfast of what was left untouched by the horses we packed up the tent and the campsite, said goodbye to other campers and headed out to the beach for some play and swim time.  A little later Matt pointed out something in the ocean and said he thought they were dolphins.  It took me a while to see and believe what he saw, but then sure enough, there were two pods of three dolphins each swimming and jumping off the beach about 100 yards.  Totally awesome. 

Such a fun memory and good times to look back on during one of our 2013 summertime adventures.


Anika Argyle said...

I love your family—you're all so adorable :) This post brought back pretty great memories of our trip, especially when Wes took on the role of banshee when one of the horses wandered up to the open window of the car ;) Thanks for sharing!

jill said...

Now that is a serious ward campout! What fun. That is an activity I could get behind and jump in on.