Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's coming along

One thing Matt and I have noticed about ourselves is we were much better home remodelers when we didn't have children;).

We've been in our home for almost 2.5 years and we've only finished our laundry room and are mid-way through our dining room.  We start and stop so much that it's hard to get into an even flow of things.  But that's how it goes, I guess.  I've stopped telling my mother of ideas we have and future projects because I think she's tired of hearing about the progress we HAVEN'T made:).

But here are some pictures of our dining room progress. We decided to go with a bold, dark color, with wainscoting and crown molding.  I almost pulled out the roller to put on a lighter shade after Matt said, "now all we have to do is put a big 'A' on the wall and it will be our USU Aggie room". But since then I think it will come together nicely after we put up curtains and accessorize.  Our joke is that we don't buy things so we don't have to move them, but I think after nearly 14 years of marriage, we're tired of bare walls and a college dorm appearance.

Here's the before.  I guess it's not the true true before with the wallpaper and wallpaper border, but I forgot to take that picture.  I'm sure I have one in our files somewhere, but I'm not going to find it tonight:).

Last summer we had a painter come paint our brown trim while we were gone to Utah.  That was about the same time I started taking down the wallpaper.  Yeah, it sat that way for over a year.  Then I finally finished with the wallpaper and Matt had to sheet rock compound the heck out of it after all the gouges I'd put in the walls during removal.

Next we painted down two-thirds of the wall with our dark blue and up 1/3 with the white.  Then we put up the chair rail and the boards down, to mimic wainscoting.  Then it was crown molding.  I'm too tired to go into detail but that's the condensed version of it.

Here's pretty much where we are now, with everything installed and painted twice.  (I took this before the crown molding was finished)
We have to caulk and paint and then hopefully get out of this room and onto another project before October;).

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Anika Argyle said...

I love it! It reminds me of the dark red we used to paint...some room in your house in Logan that one summer I came to "help" a.k.a. let Aunt Heather and Uncle Matt spoil me!! ;) I was a terrible child...If you ever need house help, I'd love to re-prove myself :)