Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our little boy turns 2

You blink and your baby is two!  How does that happen?

Black frosting = Black Teeth:)

We celebrated Joshua's birthday last week.  It was so fun to have the whole family get in on the planning.

This little guy has gotten way into Thomas the Train.  Wes loved trains too, but he was more into building the tracks and playing with the cars, not necessarily a character in the train family.  But Joshua goes absolutely crazy when he sees Thomas.

Because of this we decided to make a Thomas cake.  I haven't gotten on the cake making wagon and so my skills are hilarious, at best.  But with a little creativity and copying, Joshua didn't know the difference and squealed with delight when he saw it.
Don't you love the printed face?  Hey, that's my way of imitating fondant:).
Here are Joshua's stats at age two ... 27 lbs. (52%), 36" (91%).  He's long and lean:).

Joshua is full of fire, is very loud (not necessarily verbal, still very tonal), and loves his nightly routine with his dad.  We absolutely love this little guy!


audrey said...

Wow, he looks so big! Happy birthday Joshua!

jill said...

Happy birthday, Joshua!!

Caytee said...

Nicely done Heather! That cake rocks! TWO??? Wow how time has flown by!