Sunday, May 12, 2013

Family Pet

Matt and I both grew up with family pets.  My family had its share of cats, and Matt's had dogs, cats, pigs, bummer lambs, but I've had no desire to enter that realm with our family.  However, by default we got a mini version of a pet that will probably satisfy our children's yearnings, at least for now.

Wes, Kate, Sophie and I were playing ball in our front yard when our neighbors came over and said they had a little friend to show us.  It was a tiny turtle about the size of a chocolate chip cookie.  Their dog found it and they figured our children would like to see it.

By the end of the conversation they asked if we wanted to keep it, and since we have our little kiddie wading pool in the back we figured we could keep it there until it grows a bit and then we can take it down the lane to the pond where lots of other turtles are.

We did a little research and think it's a Northern red-bellied Cooter.  If that's the case, we'd better get it to the pond soon:).

Kate's convinced it's a girl and calls her Lily.  Wes says it's a boy and calls it Ninji:).  This is a family pet we can handle.

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jill said...

I like aquatic pets. They are just our style too. :)