Monday, March 4, 2013

Email to Aunt Bonnie

I thought this was too hilarious to not share.

Here's the background.  Yesterday morning I was doing Primary business before Church and sending emails and such.  Kate asked me what I was doing and said she had an email penpal at school, a 1st grader in North Carolina - news to me, but her description sounded fun. Then she asked if she could email someone.  So here's her email to Aunt Bonnie.

Dear   Aunt  Bonnie,
Are  you  doing  good? I  am  in  1st  grade.This  morning  I  saw  my  Mom  on  her  email,so  I  wanted  to  do  email  on   her  email  too.And  that  is  why  I  am  on  Mom's  email.Do  you  like  to  go  on  email?

So funny, and sounds just like her:).

Friday, March 1, 2013

Thank Heaven, a new month!

I feel as if I've visited the Doldrums (think The Phantom Tollbooth) on and off the last few weeks.  It hasn't been all bad, but January and February always bring a little of it to me each year.  Although, I really shouldn't complain because the weather here is mild enough that we've seen days of 50s and 60s occasionally.  But glory be!  It's March!  We're so excited around here:).

I awoke this morning at my regular time, but thought I had missed my alarm due to it being so light outside.  Of course the lighter mornings didn't happen all of a sudden this morning since it's March, but we've so been looking forward to Spring that it seemed to be much lighter than usual this morning.

During breakfast we were treated to an Avarian show outside our back windows. We really need to buy that   bird book we saw the other day.  But there were some easily identifiable ones like blue jays, robins, a cardinal, and a really cool bird that may have been a brown headed Nuthatch (according to my research  think Magic School Bus).  They were all enjoying their breakfast of bugs in our lawn.  It was very cool.

Brown headed Nuthatch - Wild Delmarva
Happy March!

Good Friends

These two are such good friends, and have been since Joshua was a baby ... remember that hairline?  :)
This past week I was mixing something and per tradition, Joshua had to help and then squealed when I was finished because that meant he could have a beater.  After receiving the first he grunted and pointed to the other one.  So I gave him that one too.  He ran around the corner of the cabinets and then grunted and pointed so I would open the back door.  After I opened it, he made a bee-line for Sophie, who was outside playing.  In mid-run he tripped and dropped one of the beaters.  Not deterred, he picked it up and continued on his way.  Sophie was digging away in the garden but then happily accepted the clean beater and they sat down to enjoy their afternoon treat on a nearby stump.

How we love these two!