Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's all relative .... Snow Day

What a winter for wackiness.  Our friends and family in Utah have been in a deep, deep freeze for many days and weeks, and we have been enjoying 50s and occasionally dropping to the 30s.  Then there's my parents in North Florida, who saw 70s and 80s during much of last week.

But finally, this week, we are having winter ... and for the Eastern Shore, it's bitter.  It's a sure sign that you've acclimated, when 30° feels frigid.

We woke up to snow last week and it was such a sight for sore eyes.  It was only about 1/2", but it was like a winter wonderland to our children.  They were up and at 'em bright and early.  Thankfully there was an hour delay at school and so we let them play for a while.  

Although the delays are often something we'll poke fun at, we've learned there's always a reason behind them.  Either the area is not accustomed to the extreme of whatever, or there's a history of accident that's happened.  Such was the case in Connecticut, and such is the case here.  In the meantime, we relish the fog and snow delays.

So yesterday was a frigid day too, with a high of 26°.  It made for a cold hot chocolate stand:), but we toughed it out, mostly huddled in the cab of the truck (it didn't get over 23° while we were out there). We figure it was worth the $13 in the 1 1/2 hrs, and made for good memories.  

Last night we got a second snow.  What luck!  I came down to check our answering machine for snow delays, and Joshua had turned it off again :(, and when I went to call in to our back up voice mail, the phone wouldn't work.  So I turned on the computer and checked the school district website and sure enough, SNOW DAY!  School's cancelled with just 1-2 inches of fallen snow.  The difference is the bitter cold, 15° at 7 a.m., which is significant for this area.  So HooRAY!  We get another day off! (We've been off this whole week, MLK day, and two 'professional' days for teachers).  This is when I go back to my homeschooling desires and wish every day were like this where there isn't the rush, rush in the morning, and taking things at our own family's pace.  *Sigh* . However, we WILL have our own school today and everyone's so excited.  
Here's a photo of this morning's fun.
We have a small, two-pond, water feature in our backyard that is frozen solid and is as close to an outdoor ice rink these two are going to get while we live here:).

On a sidenote ... a newspaper photographer stopped by our stand yesterday and took photos.  It's supposed to be in the paper today, so maybe it will drum up more business for Saturday:).  
What's the forecast? 31° ... Brrrr.
It's all relative;).

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audrey said...

I don't know how windy it is for you guys down there, but for us the intense wind is what is making things seem so much colder than what I remember 24 degrees being! Yay for a snow day! I laughed when I heard that school was cancelled for the ENTIRE day, but I guess they have a reason for it and that's the best news ever when you're a kid! Have a great day!