Thursday, January 10, 2013

It was bound to happen

For the past 13 (almost) years, we've been a fairly healthy, accident-free bunch.  So we knew at some point we'd have to have our share of doctor visits, outside of the normal annual check ups.  Ours came this week with our main monkey, Joshua.

Matt's been working in the garage this week on beds for Kate and Sophie (a post soon to be written), and I was in the kitchen.  I heard Joshua, who was in the garage, bang on the door.  So I went to the door and opened it.  The opening surprised him, he stepped back, which turned into a twisted fall down one step, and hit the concrete floor.

I picked him up and checked his face, thinking he hit it, but he looked fine.  He cried, I consoled, he cried, I consoled, he cried, then I started to feel down his left leg.  This went on for quite some time. When I felt down his right leg he pulled away and cried harder.  After a few more minutes of painful crying I went outside and told Matt that I thought he was really hurt, since he never cries and cries like that.

Anyway after a call to a nurse friend:), and his pediatrician's office, I took him to an immediate care center.  The x-ray came back as a sprial break to his lower tibia, the large bone in the lower leg.

They splinted him up and scheduled an appointment for him at the orthopedic specialist.  So last night he came home with a lovely blue cast.

He was such a trooper through the whole thing, just looking at the doctors ... no cries or whimpers.  It didn't hurt that he had a ring pop at one of the visits:).

Nights are still kind of rough; he gets frustrated and wakes up when he rolls over.  But other than that, he's adjusting as well as can be expected.

One thing we immediately noticed is how heavy he is.  While he was in the splint we had strict instructions to not let him try to walk on it so it wouldn't displace the bone since it was still aligned.  So we pulled in a camp chair and he spent some of the day sitting in it.  

The good thing is the nurse said that since toddlers bones heal so quickly we can expect about 3-4 weeks in a cast.


audrey said...

Oh, that poor little crawl is so pitiful! Poor Joshua! And poor Mommy...glad his recovery won't be too long!

Mike and Jen said...

oh no!! that video made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Queen B said...

Can't believe that happened. Glad he is doing fine now. I agree with Audrey about the crawl. Oh boy.