Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fresh Start

There are so many favorite times of the year for me.  I love Autumn, I love Thanksgiving, I love Christmas, and I love the New Year!  

I've set new goals this year, and have incorporated some that I'm pretty sure will always be on my list, and I'm okay with that.  

One goal is to go through each corner and room of our house to see everything we have and either donate, sell, or find a permanent home for it.  (I've got to get my Paypal/slush account up so I can buy Wes a new suit I've been eyeing on eBay;) right now he looks like he's going through the Utah floods of '83 and '84, or was it just '84?.)

But this post isn't really for recording my resolutions; those are written down elsewhere.  

Something else I'll mention is how we have loved receiving Christmas and New Year's cards from family and friends.  Maybe it's my natural nosey-ness, but we loved getting an update on people and see how they've grown, or more like how their children have grown;).  I need to keep a regular list of people I send cards to because I know I missed a handful this year.  Mainly because I was in rushed mode during the mailing process.  

One other thing I want to do this year is to get our blog entries into a book/s, because first and foremost, this is somewhat of a journal, as well as an update place for our extended families.  

*(note to reader ... the change in font came when I started to paste the 'l' into my writings.  I've figured out a way to get around not having a functioning 'l' during much of my writings ... I look for an 'l' I can copy from somewhere on my computer screen and then I just paste it in whenever I need it.  Through this I've discovered I don't type with 'l's' a ton, but it's a pain when I do because I have to stop and press ctrl v.  just had to record it to remember the ridiculousness of not buying a new keyboard, although we've got a scout out there feeding us good deals on new computers; ... okay now I can't use the right parenthesis to finish my winking smiley face right there ... although I could just copy it from elsewhere.  Rambling ... and will stop now.)  Now it worked.  So random, this keyboard is. 

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audrey said...

Your new blog look is darling and your Florida trip sounds like it was so much fun! Hope you guys enjoyed the holidays!