Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I don't know that today could have gotten much better.  We celebrated Thanksgiving by ourselves and at the end of the day Kate said, "Mom, this has been a really fun day."

We did all of our traditional dishes and added a couple new ones that may have made the keeper list.
(Some day this room will actually be done.  I still haven't gotten the wallpaper backing down ,  going on  five months now, but maybe by Valentine's Day?)
At our house we think Alton Brown is nearly immortal, and his turkey didn't fail us.  We also tried some awesome crescent rolls and cinnamon butter, and French Silk Pie.

The weather was so beautiful and so Matt was able to work outside on a few projects.  Our kids had a good mix of outside and inside time.  Overall it was just awesome.

It's nearly bedtime now and so we broke out the pup tent to put up in the living room.  This just about completes a perfect day for a child;).

So thankful for Faith, Family and Friends.


We have a yard full of trees, no exaggeration.  There are 21 in the front yard, and almost that many in the back.  And that's AFTER we've taken down 13 or so.  Anyway, it makes for LOTS of clean up during the Autumn leaf and pine cone/pine needle dropping season.

Yesterday Matt said he wanted to take some pictures of our children in some leaf piles and in our Japanese Maple, before hauling away a bunch of stuff.  His hope was to maybe get a picture we could use for our Christmas card.

  Pretty good, but I think we may need a few more photo sessions:).

Common Knowledge?

Sometimes I discover something that I never knew, and then I wonder if it was common knowledge to everyone except me.  But I think this may be one of those regional things where you may not know it if you didn't grow up around it?  Maybe?

The first time I ate brussel sprouts was on my church mission to London.  The English love them.  Maybe that's a blanket statement, but in my first area of Slough, I had brussel sprouts nearly every week at dinner appointments.  I really liked them and said to myself that I'd have to eat them when I got back to the States.  Later on I wondered if I really liked them, or if it was the gravy I remembered, since the English have a reputation of having a dinner plate full of food and then pouring gravy over all of it; a fact, in my experience.

Matt stopped at a farmer's market yesterday while doing some pre-Thanksgiving errand running, and picked up this baby. .... the sprout, not the cutie next to it;)

Did everyone else know they grew like this?  I didn't.  When Wes and Kate came in carrying these green sword-looking items, it took me a minute to figure out what they were.

So, 16 years later, I've had brussel sprouts again.  A hit with Matt and me, not as welcome for our children, but they did try them:).

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Today's one of those days that I'm flitting from project to project and while passing the computer thought, "I should blog an entry right now."  And since Joshua is still napping, I will;).

My sister and niece visited this weekend;  and although it was much too short, it was so nice to have them.

We met up with them at this lovely place, Mount Vernon.

We love Mount Vernon.  Our children seem to love it too, which is a bonus when you want to take visitors there again and again.

How refreshing to learn about a wonderful man and leader, George Washington.

It was a bit brisk and we weren't totally prepared, clothing-wise, but we loved the time with family!

 I started to write that the gardens are my favorite, and then I stopped because the house is so beautiful, so I'd just have to say that I love it all.  If only we had more land and a view like he and Martha had of the Potomac.

Love it all:).

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New beginnings, a family visit, Sandy, and Halloween:)

We're fully enjoying Autumn around here, and have a whirlwind round up to log here.

*Today was Sophie's first day of a new preschool.  She's been loving preschool at our local YMCA, mainly because it includes swimming, and her friend from church goes there, too.  It was kind of a fill-in until her other preschool started.  It's at a high school through a tech program, and so it didn't start until today so the high school students could get training on running a preschool. I didn't take a picture, but will at some point, I'm sure.  She was so excited.  It's pretty deluxe and so she'll have tons of fun learning opportunities.

*My sister and niece are coming for a visit!!  Woohoo!  It's pretty rare to have family visits to these parts, so we're beyond excited.  My niece is a smarty and is checking out William & Mary for school next year so they're flying in today for a campus tour.  This pretty much requires a visit to us and so we'll be meeting up with them this weekend to visit Mt. Vernon and then come to our home for a couple days.

We're just thankful that Hurricane Sandy didn't disrupt their plans, although it's such a devastation for many others.

*We pulled through Sandy without any structural damage.  We had some limbs down and our yard is a mess, but we never lost power.  Our rain gauge was getting its workout though, and we logged about 9" of rain.

These are pictures of one of our city parks.  When you live in a city of rivers, there's bound to be flooding.

This one is a field right by our house that was just plowed from its seasons worth of corn.

School was canceled for W, K, S and Matt Monday and Tuesday.  So we had fun doing all sorts of indoor activities.

*Halloween went on as usual.  It was a little colder than our days had been last week, a result of Sandy, but really wasn't too bad.

 Matt = The man with the Yellow Hat, Joshua = Curious George (so appropriate for him right now), Wes = Batman, Kate = Ninja, Sophie = Pirate Princess, Me = Professor Wiseman (from Curious George)

Can you tell who's personality came through on these pumpkins (above).  In real life you can see the bling around Kate's pumpkin's eyes.

Our good friends "the Incredibles" came trick or treating with us:).  (Hope it's okay I posted this;)).

It was a fun night.  We headed downtown after hitting our neighborhood, but have decided that maybe next year we'll go to two or three more streets right around us that the kids go through on the school bus.  So much fun!