Sunday, October 28, 2012

Catch Phrase

Tonight we were playing a board game ... boys against girls.  Sophie was asleep, Joshua not a player, so it was Dad and Wes vs. Kate and Mom.  We had to bypass certain words in Catch Phrase, due to them being not in the realm of 1st graders, but this one was hilarious.

Matt: (knowing he'd have no clue, but being funny nonetheless) 
"Wes, who was the greatest basketball player ever?"

Wes:  (Scrunching up his face in a 'what?' expression, then it quickly turning to a light-bulb moment) 
"YOU, Dad!"

Kate:  "No.  President Monson!"

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Making piles

Sophie's favorite question right now is, "can I make a pile, Mom?"

Of pillows, cushions, and blankets.

I've normally said yes very easily, but when the whining and prodding about cleaning up afterwards became such a hassle, I started saying no.

We had a little talk though and I'm hoping she's onboard the 'clean-up train'. Anyway, here's an awesome picture of one of her piles.

Then she started jumping off the back of the couch into the pile.  I do allow such rambunctiousness around here sometimes;).  

This is a photo of our living room, and at the time, I was sitting in the family room.  As I was sitting there I thought, "wow, that would make an awesome picture."  So I asked Sophie to wait while I got the camera.  Then I asked her to jump into the pile while I tried to catch the perfect pose.  It took at least six times, but she wasn't complaining;).  (*sidenote, not to worry about poor Joshua getting squashed, he was well in front of her).

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Laundry Essay

Actually I probably won't attempt an essay today, I've got to go pick up Sophie and Drostan (friend) from preschool in a couple of minutes, but here are short thoughts.

My mom called yesterday and before parting I asked her, "did you ever have a hard time with getting laundry through the whole washing, drying, folding, putting away process, when we were young."  Her response ... "No."

That was it.


I shouldn't have been surprised.  Our house growing up was always tidy, neat, clean, no piles, nothing.  My mom insists that it wasn't always that way, but since I'm the youngest, there wasn't the stuff around that younger siblings bring.  But I don't believe it.  She's always been clean, and I sit here wondering, why didn't I get that gene?

Our house isn't a pig sty, although I have used that phrase when talking to our children; along with hurricane, bull in a china closet, tornado, etc...  But it's not like we're living in squalor, but it's just not what I want it to be. Yet.

Anyway, back to laundry...

Yesterday I implemented, yet again, another 'system'; this one, from a friend who washes on Tuesday and Friday.  She doesn't plan anything on those days except washing.

After my first day, I declare it a success.  There is still one load waiting to be folded, and diapers still in the dryer, but at least they're not in the washer from overnight;).  So three loads washed, dried, folded, put into cubbies, (for everyone to put away themselves, I'm not the maid/servant around here .... ?  another phrase I may have used before;)) one in the basket ready to be folded, one in the dryer ... I'd call that success.  We'll see how it holds.  I'm confident.

Here's my little laundry helper.  He's standing on a step stool.  (there are no 4-ft one year olds around here)
However I am swift to take away the laundry stick after it's been properly used.  It has been ill-used in the past:).

Somehow the pictures became their own post, so keep scrolling to see the laundry prince.  He's worth it;).

What was lost has been found

My sister called the other day and said, "is your camera really lost,  or do you just not have one?"  HAha!

It really was lost, but guess what, Joshua found it!

There was a soccer Saturday when Matt was hunting in Utah, so I was trying to manage a busy little beaver (Joshua) by keeping him in the van, with the windows partially down, so I could watch the game.  (Our seats were 15 feet from the parking strip, not to worry).  I glanced over at him once and there he had the camera dangling out of the window!  WooHOO for busy little boys who crawl all over and under.  We had cleaned the van with the strict intent of finding the camera, knowing that many things can get lost there, but couldn't find it.  He, however, is amazing, and was the winner.

So no excuses now, blogging friends, family and journal, we're back!

I'll leave you with a parting picture that Matt captured this summer during his Summer Science Camp.  It was one night when Saturn was visable and he put our normal, little camera up to the lens of a very expensive University telescope, and captured this amazing picture.  Yes, folks, look closely,  that's Saturn, rings and all.  Pretty cool.