Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This is what happens when you leave your phone unattended

After picking up Wes and Kate from school yesterday I was unloading groceries with Wes' help.  Kate was in charge of a couple of items but never came in and never came in.  Sophie was no where to be found for a minute either, but I just went on my way starting dinner prep.  It was only last night when I was trying to upload 1st school day pictures that I found these on my phone, taken in the van.  Two little crazies taking each other's pictures.  {Kate's is taken while suspended over the back seat into the trunk hatch.}

Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day - 1st Grade

It was a great day for all.

Wes didn't eat breakfast because of nerves, but when we picked him up this afternoon his first words were, "Today was the best day EVER!"  So we're happy he was so happy.  He's got a great teacher ... in fact, I'm so impressed with both his and Kate's teachers. 

Kate was very concerned about not being able to 'play as much as Kindergarteners do', her words.  But she was beaming today too, after school. 

Sophie and I didn't stare at each other very long like we did after last year's first day, we just got on with the day. 

Matt's day was great and he reported one student has already dropped his class because he said they needed to be able to do Algebra.  My first thought was, "Helllllooooo,  this IS college, and this IS a Physics class", but then again, I'm pretty rusty at it too now, although my excuse is it's been nearly two decades since my one and only Calc class.

We still haven't found our camera and so had to document with my phone ... not so bueno, but at least it's documented.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Morning Thoughts

The other evening after sitting on the porch I said to Matt, "I feel like we live in an aviary."  All the chatter and heavy air reminds me of walking through the doors of a tropical rendition at the zoo.  Add all the bugs and other wildlife, and it's a world away from the atmosphere of where we spent our childhood.

Then yesterday as our bishopric member was welcoming visitors to church, he said, "It's called 'Humidity' ... the air you wear."  Isn't that the truth.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Almost too much to cover

This is what happens when you don't journal regularly, plus it doesn't help when you lose your camera and don't have pictures to document all the fun you've been having.  It's almost too overwhelming to start, but I guess this is where the Reader's Digest version comes in handy...

Summer has been awesome.  We've been busy and relaxed, all at the same time. 

Matt successfully finished another year of summer science camp, thus providing for our summer travel fun to see family - hooray!  He also had a great experience teaching a mini semester with a small class.  It makes a huge difference in attitude and effectiveness in the classroom when you only have to correct 8-10 homework/quiz/test sets, rather than 40, or 80, or whatever he usually has.

Wes, Kate, Sophie and Joshua have tan lines and sand permenantly under their toenails, due to our many days at the beach. 

We just got back from a trip to see family in the West.  The first four or five days were an adjustment and Matt and I not-really-seriously talked about changing our plane tickets to fly home early.  It was totally due to the adjustment of traveling with a young family and trying to see and do too many things; but after the adjustment, we easily could've stayed another week. 

While in Utah we introduced our children to the Temple Square experience, toured the Conference Center, saw the new City Creek outdoor mall {beautiful}, went to Kennecot Copper Mine, played at Fountain Green Lamb Days where Wes and Kate entered their first ever 1 mile 'lamb scram'.  They did awesome.  We also got to take in an Orem Owlz game where our niece sang the national anthem, how cool is that? Then up to our 'home away from home', Logan, for a couple of days.

The B family reunion is usually the Friday of Lamb Day week, but due to a sister and her family living in Denver, and unable to come until the following week, it was delayed.  We camped up Log Canyon in sheep camps; so cool.  I've decided that's the way to camp ... in a queen sized bed, fully sheltered from Mother Nature's elements, which she displayed.  (;   It was so great to be with family. 

Our last four days were spent at my parent's house in Ephraim.  They're on a mission in FL, and so we just hung out, played with their toys, played at the park and the tennis courts, went to the new Manti pool {will definietly be visiting there again!}, and loved not having a schedule.  Matt would go during the days to work with his dad, and I admit to having the kids watch a movie during Joshua's nap so I could turn on the fan {I love the sound of fans}, read my book for a while, and then catch a few winks myself. (:  It was heavenly. 

A memory I don't want to forget is the first night we got to Fountain Green.  Here's the background ... during Lamb Day week there's a softball tournament.  It's a family tradition to either play in the tournament, or be a spectator every night that week.  So when we got there no one was home.  We walked over to the park and started saying our hello's.  The awesome memory came when Sophie {4 years old} re-acquainted herself with her cousins, Autumn {4}, Jessie {4}, and Misty {4}.  Within a few minutes everyone was back to the business of watching the games or playing at the park.  This is when Sophie, Autumn and Jessie were all holding hands together in a circle, trying to walk back to Grandma's house, whilst still ALL holding hands.  So picture a slow moving circle of three children, trying not to trip over each other.  It was priceless.  They soon decided it was easier to walk in a line, although that meant not everyone could keep holding everyone's hands.  {Just a side note ... Misty is a newly-turned 4 year old, and so she's more interested in her own imaginative world right now, and couldn't be bothered with the dramatics of the older four year olds at this time ... maybe next summer(:  }.

So ... we made it back to the eastern shore safely and are still not adjusted to the two-hr time difference {poor Joshua, especially}.  It's been awesome though ... Matt's been bottling up a storm since all of our tomatoes are on right now, I love having a husband who preserves food more than I do, and I don't feel guilty about it.  We've been cleaning the house top to bottom.  It helped that while we were gone we had a painter come in and paint our dated wood windows and trim/floorboards.  We figured it would be the best time to do it so we wouldn't be in his way, nor he in ours.  It gaves us an amazing boost of organization, and kick starts our rennovation. 

That'll be the recap for now ... meanwhile, piano lessons resume, daily life continues, and we're happy.