Friday, June 8, 2012

School's Out

Summer has officially begun.  Wes and Kate ended up having a great school year, but we are all so excited to be finished (except Wes}.  No more buses to run to, no more rush, rush, out the door.  I'm excited to create our own schedule and continue our learning at home. 

We made a list of 50+ activities we WILL do this summer and it's pretty aggressive, but we're so excited.  We'll keep a good record:]. 

We decided to celebrate by going camping.  While at the beach last weekend Matt suggested we camp on a Friday night so we could watch the sun come up over the ocean horizon the next morning, and dutch oven our breakfast on the beach. Cool, huh?  Problem is, since we live near a heavily tourist-visited area everyone else had the same idea so weekend reservations are totally filled for the summer.  Our next option would be a Tuesday night since Matt doesn't teach on Wednesday. 

I called another camp site we've been eyeing and they require a Friday and Saturday booking during the summer.  So we bagged that idea and decided we'll camp there during the week a different time too. 

In the end our backyard was as good a place as any, not to mention free, and so up our tent went with our kids gathering sticks for a pretend campfire.  S'mores didn't happen, but we'll get stocked and ready for them at a moment's notice.