Thursday, May 31, 2012

6-year old milestone

Last night Wes came down and said his tooth hurt.  All four of his and Kate's front teeth are loose, but Wes' bottom right one was ready to come out.  After test-wiggling it again I said, "Do you want to lose your first tooth tonight?"  He said with some hesitation, "Yes!"  So we grabbed some toilet paper for extra grip and pulled.  After a few attempts and a few "That's okay Mom, I'll go to sleep now" moments, it finally came. 

Matt said I was just as excited as Wes.  Well of course I was!  This is momentous in a child's life.  I very well remember my first tooth-losing moment.  It was terrible.  I have pictures documenting me hiding in the corner of my grandparent's home while my parents tried to convince me it wouldn't hurt too much.  Then I have the 'after' pictures of a beaming 6-year old with a fresh gap in front.

Like the dentist said at our last visit, "They're not going to get much out of corn on the cobb this summer".

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quick trip to Hawaii

Not really, but this was a funny conversation tonight that I have to document.

We've had a lot of fighting in our house lately.  A. LOT.

Hitting, punching, stick throwing (causing a head wound), it's all been here.  So we've had many discipline moments and lessons about love at home, and so on.

Tonight, just moments after Matt had given a really good scriptural thought about the Savior's love and how we should love one another, we had another incident while brushing teeth before bed.  So I said, "that's it, I'm going to Hawaii."  (Notice there's no exclamation point at the end ... my tone of voice wasn't exasperated, just flippant.)

Sophie then asks, "why are you going to Hawaii?"  To which I answered, "I need a break."

She pondered this for a second and said, "When you get back can you lay down with me?"

Friday, May 18, 2012

There is beauty all around

Sophie and Joshua are my exercise buddies.  Our friends passed along a jogger stroller to us several weeks ago and I've loved the freedom of exercising outside whenever I want to, rather than having to wait for Matt to get home, or do it before he leaves in the morning.

The other day after visiting a friend's blog I was getting a little melancholy about our children not having a neighborhood of church friends to play with (documenting purposes ... closest are 12 minutes away, can't really complain since it's really not that far but I do sometimes anyway;)).  So I decided to shake the blues by going for a walk.  Quickly my thoughts turned to the blessings we have living here.

1 - Beauty.  It's so beautiful here.  Green, green, green.  We've had a drought for the last 18+ months, but for the last few weeks it's been perfect ... rain about every two or three days.

2 - Wildlife.  We came upon this little guy (or gal) while on a bike ride.  I thought turtles moved slow ... not so, or at least not this one.  He was bookin' it.  When we circled around to get a closer look he was already 20 feet down the gutter.

3 - Birdwatching. I guess that could go with wildlife, but we commonly see flashes of red and blue flying outside our windows.  Seeing cardinals and bluejays in real life is awesome.  Our neighbors think it's so funny that we're so awestruck by them.  I guess it's all about what you're used to.

4 - Missionaries - we love having the missionaries over a couple times a month, and Matt goes out with them another couple times a month.  It's pretty cool that when Friday night rolls around our kids automatically ask if we're having brownies for dessert because the missionaries are coming.  It's an opportunity not as often experienced where there is a higher concentration of church members.

The other thing that's great is that it makes it extra special when we see our extended family.  We just booked our plane tickets for a visit to the West this summer.  Our kids are beyond excited.  It's amazing to think it's almost been two years since we last saw many of them.

Reader's Theater

The past several weeks Wes and Kate have been participating in a 'reader's theater' at school.  It's a time where they practice their reading and expressive skills through a theatrical presentation of a children's book.  The selection this time was 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.  Each student took turns reading a line.  Kate's group went first, she by far projected her voice the most (atta girl;)).

Wesley's group was next and performed the same book.  He was the most expressive, and used awesome inflection.  I'm still amazed that he's such a fantastic reader.  This is the little boy who was in speech therapy in Connecticut and would say 'were' instead of 'our' for more than a year, (example:  "are we going to were house"? or "I see were car"), it really was exasperating as I tried to correct him each time, something his teacher said I must do.  It still takes him longer to express himself and I compare it to someone who's learning English as a second language.  So it's SO fulfilling to see him just jet forward in reading.
The picture's blurry because I zoomed in so far, but it's a great one of them together

Spirit Week ... the joke's on me

This is our first experience with Spirit week at school and so I did a little homework.  For crazy hair/hat day Kate requested a mohawk. How was I going to do that?  We came up with a clever girl-version thanks to this video

I looked on some blogs that mainly originated in Utah and wow, people really go all out.  I wasn't into that and was glad for something that didn't require spray paint or hair accessories.   (I'd better add a postscript to this and say I totally will not judge you if you love to do fancy schmancy wacky hair day do's. I'm just saying that my girls are lucky that I branch out every once in a while from the one or two styles I do with their hair ...)  Moving along. 

Wesley's was easy and we opted for a spiky mo-do and since I was on a roll I decided to do Sophie's and Joshua's.

So now we get to the funny part.  Wacky hair day was Tuesday and 'dress your best' was Wednesday (mis-match was Monday if you're wondering;)).

So on Wednesday Kate wore a nice Sunday dress and Wes wore his suit and tie, actually minus his suit coat because it was way too hot.  At about 10 a.m. I got an email from Wes' teacher, which said something like this .... "after telling Wesley he looked handsome in his tie I told him he should remember to wear it again NEXT Wednesday for 'best dress' day for Spirit Week.  Thought I'd tell you in case you got the week's mixed up."

HA!  No wonder no one else had wacky hair on Tuesday.   I went to the fridge to look at the spirit week flyer and sure enough, I was a week early.  So I guess you could call this week a dry-run for next week:). 

I just have to throw this in for background and memory purposes.  It's safe to say about 80% of kids in Wes and Kate's school wear beads or braids and so I wasn't sure what to expect on wacky hair day.  When I asked Kate if anyone in her class participated (she's the only white girl), she said, "well, Madison's hair was kind of poofy, I guess".  Wes said, "Jasmine had rainbow beads in her hair."  

I still laugh that Kate's teacher didn't even flinch at her choice of hairstyle that day.

Birthday Boy

Since Joshua's birthday was on Mother's Day we ended up celebrating the majority of his birthday on Saturday night ... mainly because we wanted two desserts, totally being  serious here.  So we made birthday cupcakes and let him go to town:).

We went to the doctor on Monday for his annual visit and he comes in at 30" tall (56th percentile), 21 1/2 lbs (34th %), and a head in the 95th percentile.  I believe everything but the last figure.  His head is no where near what Wesley's and Sophie's were, and they were in the 75th perc.

This little guy is a ham.  This really is the age where babies develop their personalities.   So for documenting purposes, Joshua is very active.  He's more like Kate at this age than anyone.  He's also very needy right now.  It could be a combination of teeth, separation-anxiety, or  just his personality, but that's just how it is.  The one funny thing he's picked up is he points his finger at me and grunts like he's saying 'no' if he does something he knows, or thinks may be wrong, a.k.a. biting.  He of course, thinks it's a game, and I struggle between thinking it's funny and cute, and wanting him to know it's really not okay.

We love this little guy.  Wes, Kate and Sophie are all such great siblings.  He's got some great examples to follow!

BTW, we had strawberry cheesecake for Mother's Day:).

Friday, May 11, 2012

1-year ago tonight

In 50 minutes from now, one year ago tonight, our little Baby Boy Bailey was born.

How can that be possible?  How can he be one??
(For clarification purposes his birthday isn't until Sunday, but he was born on a Friday night, so factor in Leap Year, etc., and you see where I'm coming from)

We love this toothy-grinned, long-tongued, darth-vader breathing little guy.

I've spent the last 40 minutes reading through blog posts over the last year.  This is what I love about blogs: the documenting of places seen, phrases said, and milestones met.  Now to re-commit myself to more consistent documentation.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baltimore Aquarium

We are big Spring Break fans around here.  Our first Spring Break with the twins was spent indoors since it was still RSV season and we were paranoid first parents.  But after that we've tried to hit fun places as a family ... backpacking in Bryce Canyon, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Williamsburg, VA.  So when this year came around and Wes and Kate were in school during Matt's Spring Break, we were pretty unsettled (or at least I was;)). 

We decided since the twins are in Kindergarten we could justify them missing some school.  Matt and I were getting so much done in the yard that it ended up we only took them out half-day on Friday and headed to Baltimore (exotic, I know). 

It turned out to be awesome.  The Baltimore Aquarium is one of the best in the country (that's what we hear at least).  It's pretty pricey, but worth it.  We happened to get in on the last weekend of Friday night winter pricing so it was super cheap.

Our kids LOVED seeing the stingrays .... these babies were gigantic!

Cool sharks.

We weren't able to get in on the dolphin show because it was sold out, but we were able to watch it from down below the actual theater seating. 

The jelly fish were awesome too, I guess I never realized there were so many different kinds. 

We were able to watch a short IMAX movie about animals, complete with pokes in the back of the seat, water mists, and wind blowing on your feet so it felt like a million mice running under you (so creepy).  It was so fun.  Kate was sitting by an older lady on the other side of me and the two of them kept screaming and adding their own commentary during the entire showing.  It was pretty funny.

After the aquarium visit we wanted to go somewhere cool to eat.  Baltimore's downtown looks like it's been made over in the past few years and looks awesome with restaurants in old industrial buildings and such.  But it ended up we went the cheap route and just picked up sandwiches before going back to the hotel for some swimming (of course the MAIN reason our kids want to go on these trips in the first place).

Monday, May 7, 2012

Miss Sophia Daisy turns 4

(A woman in our ward calls Sophie, 'Miss Sophia Daisy', mainly because of a dress she would wear frequently with a daisy flower hair clip.) 

Our little Sophie isn't so little any more.  In March she turned four and keeps surprising me about how she's totally in on the conversation now and I can't just think she's too small to understand things anymore.

Some things about Sophie ...

*She grew 4 inches and gained 6 1/2 lbs in the last year.
*Although everyone says she looks just like me, I can see a ton of Bailey in her.  She and Wes look like they should be the twins.  I think she looks like how I look now, but as a girl I think Kate and I resemble each other more.
*She's very observant and will remember tidbits of information that I was sure passed her by.

*She's very involved in Joshua's life, sometimes to his chagrin.
*She loves to name flowers, and often asks me how 'Cullka' is doing (a rhododendron bush in our back yard).
 *Her favorite Primary song right now is "As a Child of God" (this year's theme song).
*She's a meticulous color-er.  I don't think I've had a child who filled in every space of a picture quite like she does.
*She's a WONDERFUL laundry helper.
*Her favorite question lately has been, "Mom, am I big now?"
*When I ask her who her best friend is she says 'Jackson', which I think is hilarious because she hasn't seen him in person since Dec 2010 when she was still two, but that's just an example of her steel-trap memory.

Sophie chose to go bowling for her activity, and since her birthday was on a Monday it was a perfect FHE activity.  She chose a ladybug for a birthday cake and so we experimented and came up with this.

We love our little Sophia Daisy:).