Friday, April 27, 2012

Joshua's travels

It's past time for an update, and without going into nitty-gritty details right now, let's just say we're trying to tame the mountain/monster of life:).

This little guy is walking like nobody's business.

His official first steps were on March 30, 2012.  So he's our earliest walker.  I think it's because he's got older siblings who hurried him along the way.  For the last several weeks, essentially when Joshua started pulling himself up on things, Sophie would stand behind him, interlock her arms under his and walk around with him.  With her support he got pretty good and would have the biggest smile (of which I never captured on camera). 
But suffice it to say, nothing is safe anymore.  I'd forgotten the meaning of 'baby-proofing'.  His favorite target of late is the garbage can. 
We have a stand-alone garbage can that sits by our fridge.  He's figured out how to push the button to flip open the lid, and then he starts to dig.  If it's half-way full he can reach it.  I found him eating thrown out scrambled eggs the other day.  Gross, I know, not to mention the food safety issues. Other times he'll just knock it over and I'll walk into a kitchen with garbage strewn all over the floor. 
The upside of Joshua's new-found freedom is he isn't always at my feet begging to be held, he's off exploring:).