Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Celebrating holidays is so fun with children.

I hadn't planned anything specific for St. Patrick's Day, but when I saw a friend's idea for rainbow and pot 'o gold treats, I thought it would be a simple and fun activity.

I'd originally planned to have them done for the kids when they woke up, but then knew that Kate especially, would love to make it herself. So we stopped our mid-morning jobs to make them. It was fun, easy, and marked the holiday.

Wes and Kate dressed up in their Halloween costumes from 2007 and 2008 because they were green. How did they fit in them, you ask? Originally they were a Tinkerbell dress for Kate and Peter Pan smock for Wes. But thanks to homemade costumes made too big, and stretchy fleece, they were pulled from the dress-up box and re-purposed for St. Patrick's Day:).
(Here they are in 2008, one month before they turned 3!)

We also made vanilla cupcakes, because cupcakes go with any holiday:).


J and M said...

I remembered seeing pics of him in that cute suit, and was glad to see him in it again (: I love that the dress ups never get old.

Cupcakes do go with all holidays around here, although my fun candy making (or fun many things) abilities are on the LOW end!

jill said...

I'm going to refuse to believe your kids are not that little anymore until I see them in person. That girl on the end can NOT be "baby Sophie".

I love this idea. I'm copying you next year. That's okay, right? :)

Angie said...

Super cute! Steve made green waffles for my kids. Chase and I were at BYU for a scout pow wow, so we didn't even get that. I was a terrible holiday mom this year. :)