Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Isn't that the cutest picture! That face is like a breath of fresh air:).

You know it's been a while when your husband says, "You haven't updated your blog in a while.":).

Well first of all, it's supposed to be OUR blog (but I guess it really isn't when I've never made him an administrator;)), and second, my computer time has varied ever since our laptop died in January and spent a week being repaired. It's just never been the same. When you lose your groove, sometimes it takes a while to get it back.

So here's a short update, for posterity sake.

Joshua turned 9 months on Monday. He weighs 19 lbs. 15 oz. and is 29" long. I don't have the official percentile since the NP didn't give them to me (I think he forgot and I did too, with everything else we were doing). But from Baby Center, it looks like he's about average.

He's a mover and I'm pretty sure will be our earliest walker. He walks along furniture now and is so squirmy. Sometimes I feel like a rodeo calf roper (don't know the official name) when I change his diaper. If I don't have it done in 2 seconds, he's outta there. When I'm done I feel like I need to raise my right hand in the air and give a whoop to tell the judges to stop the time clock.

Matt also keeps reminding me to get a 9 month picture of him since that age is Matt's favorite of all our children's pictures. We'll see how fast the photographer is, so that we can actual get one with him in the frame.

Wes and Kate had a two day break in January and so we went to Mount Vernon, Iwo Jima, and Arlington. So fun. I have pictures of Iwo Jima and Arlington, but we forgot our camera in the hotel when we went to Mount Vernon. But luckily we upgraded our pass to an annual, so we'll take pictures next time. Matt wants to take the 'National Treasure II' tour in the Spring or Summer:).