Monday, December 5, 2011

7 Months

Not quite ... but he will be next week, and that's close enough.

This handsome little guy is 7 months! If you think it's whipped by for you, that's exactly how we feel.

He's a mover, a shaker, and has the makings of a Kate-part-2. Don't worry, that doesn't have us scared. We love our vivacious little lady, and are excited to add another handful to the pack:).

His top two teeth broke through yesterday and he's got the 'heavy breathing through his squinched up nose' look down pat. Now I've just got to catch it on camera.

These pictures are of him after our family shots last weekend. He was diggin' the up close and personal interaction with Mother Nature.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Family Pictures

We're not very good at getting family pictures. The last (and first) official one we got was when I was expecting Sophie and the twins were almost two years old. So I told Matt that we really needed to do a better job of documenting our brood.

We asked a friend take them, but in the end we dilly-dallied and then things just didn't work out. So we set up our camera on two 5-gallon buckets, placed our newly built bench (by Matt, for our under-construction laundry room) in the backyard, and snapped away.

Our first idea was to go to Matt's campus for pictures since it has some pretty cool backgrounds and possible props, but we were running out of time since Matt and Kate were going to a ballet in the afternoon. However, we knew if we didn't do the pictures then/now, we'd never get them done for a photo Christmas card.

Some turned out well, some didn't, but we're ALL in the picture! Hooray! I told Matt my level of expectation for family pictures has gone way down since having children ... I just want us all in the picture.