Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life and Festivities

We've really tried not to over-schedule ourselves, but now we're entering the age where children's activities often overtake the family's activities. But it really is a fun time of life.

This week has been crazy and fun, and now that it's Saturday night I'm happy to sit and breathe, now that the bulk of crazy is over. So here's part of our October.

Since I nearly had a breakdown when Wes and Kate started school, I decided to be involved in their classes as much as possible. Their teachers have been great and very responsive to my many emails and questions.

I was able to go with Kate's class to a pumpkin patch. I knew her class was diverse, but actually being there and seeing it was pretty amazing. Jasmine, Jaire, Le'Donte, Samuel, Malachi, are just an example of some of the school friends she talks about. She's one of four Caucasian children in a class of 24.

Wes' class on the other hand is pretty much 50/50, and I'm not exactly sure why or how they decide who's in whose class. His teacher is a seasoned educator and I know she's been requested by several of the parents, and so maybe that has something to do with it.

So far I've been pleased with both of their experiences. The lesson plans are the same, but maybe executed a little differently from each other. But it seems to be going well.

I emailed both their teachers last week and asked if I could bring in a Halloween treat, so Sophie and I were running around at the end of this week, getting everything done for that, also for Halloween costumes, Fall Harvest Festival items for the school, church responsibilities, along with regular home responsibilities.

We went to the school carnival last night and also to our neighbor's church's trunk or treat. This afternoon we went to a set of girl and boy twins birthday party, which was a Halloween costume party too. So we've definitely had our fill of the season. On Monday we'll go to a nearby town with some church friends where the old part of downtown really goes all out for Halloween and it's a popular spot for trick or treating.

As for costumes ...

Here's Wes as John Henry. He's wanted to be him for two years now, and we finally did it. So simple, don't know why I didn't do it earlier. But it's one of those costumes where people have to ask you what/who you are. And even then, most people have to ask you who John Henry is/was. One man at the party today asked if Wes was the Brawny paper towel man ... haha!

Kate is not a planner, and didn't seem to have any ideas for a costume, except the standard princess. I told her she should 'branch out' a little. For about 5 minutes she was going to be Angelina Ballerina, and then decided against it. So after hearing more suggestions, she settled on being a cat. Score for me! Another easy costume.

My mind wasn't even on a costume for Joshua, until I found this site, and whipped up a pumpkin hat in literally 6.3 minutes flat:). I think I'll be revisiting this pattern for dress up hats for Christmas gifts for Wes.

Sophie's had her costume for a year. We hit the after Halloween sales last year and she and I both got witch hats. She was happy to finally get to wear it. We paired it with a Halloween shirt that used to be one of my neice's. Then Friday afternoon we made the skirt after it donned on me that you wouldn't be able to see her cute striped tights if she was wearing jeans, which was our original plan. I know, I'm a real planner;). But this 'how to' no-sew pattern was the winner and really only took about 15 minutes from start to finish. Re-reading this makes me think that I'm giving my readers the idea that I can just 'whip' things together in no time. Ohhh, don't be fooled, I'm not as seamless as that, it's just a good thing there's the internet and people who do the thinking part for me.

I think she looks adorable.

I'm so excited to be at this time of year. I love Autumn, the holidays that come with it, sweaters, hot chocolate, football ... you know the list:). We love Thanksgiving at our house, and it's Wes and Kate's birthday. Then of course Christmas, and we have family scheduled for a visit then too! It's amazing how when you live away from family, visits like these are so anticipated. And they motivate you to get projects done. Hopefully we'll soon have pictures to show you the progress along the way.


J and M said...

Oh my goodness, Sophie's picture (and her adorable costume) reminds me of you so much at that age! WOW.

I need to visit that hat site, and I am impressed with the sucker/cake/candy/frankenstein somethings you made. I think you should move to Texas! (or I should move out of the heat to the real fall!!!!!)

Mike and Jen said...

Look at you- crafty mama! Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun! Miss you!

Angie said...

Great costumes all around! :)

Amber Baker said...

Adorable, and yes, you are a planner+talented. If I had half that sewing talent...I'd be in real trouble. :) I like people who do the planning and thinking for me too over the internet. Give the kids a hug!

jill said...

Okay, so tell me how you did the cute Frankenstein's monster treats. So cute!! I love all the kids' costumes - but I have to admit, Sophie's tights are my favorite. You smart, crafty lady - I don't believe any of your disclaimers about being able to "whip things up" quickly. :)