Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Close call

When my mother in law visited us in May she counted the trees in our front yard. It's an amazing number, something like 21 or 23. The backyard is pretty much the same. All in all there are pines, oaks, dogwoods, a tulip poplar, a couple flowering fruitless trees and a pretty Chinese maple.

The pines are massive, easily a few score years old. They're big enough and our soil is basically sand, which means pretty wimpy root grasping situation. So storms like Irene had us, and our neighbors, worried about the safety of our homes. Matt and our neighbor have been in the process of cutting down the ones that aren't quite as massive and foreboding.

A couple Saturdays ago they were at it again, chain saws in hand, which was to go. They chose a mid-sized pine in the back, and planned where to fall the tree. To skip all the details, it didn't fall where it was supposed to and nearly crushed our shed. Luckily they maneuvered and manipulated and were inches, or centimeters, away from destruction.

Our children have strict rules when Dad gets out the chain saw, but we had a front row seats to the action from our family room windows.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Let the games begin!

We've never had Wes or Kate in sports until this summer. Mainly because we've had the habit of going for 3-4 weeks during the summer right smack dab in the middle of tee ball or soccer season. So because our travel was local this summer we signed 'em up.

The first was tee ball. It was an interesting set up. We thought it was going to be teams and actual playing but it was more of basic instruction and drills, which was okay too. They're excited for next year to actually play games.

They just started soccer this month and are loving the go-go nature of the sport. Matt and I never played soccer but now that it's a mainstream sport we figured it would be a fun Fall activity. They have no problem getting right in the middle of the crowd. The problem they have is scoring in the right goal and on the right field:). There are three fields side by side by side and the games tend to blend.

Here's to Saturday mornings at the soccer field!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Where did it all go?

When our babies are born they come out looking like a haircut should be ordered soon. But they go through the losing hair bit, just like all other babies. Joshua's has been quite the process though. It's almost the exact opposite of a man who loses his hair on top, but keeps it on the sides. He's kept a really nice Mohawk and lost almost everything else.

From this ...

and this ...

to this ...

this ...

and this ...

can you see the receding hairline, and the makings of a comb-over?

Here's to hoping it grows back:).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We're seeing a pattern here ...

None of our children have been thumb or finger suckers ... until now.

This little guy tries to get his whole hand in his mouth but usually falls asleep with 2-3 fingers in. We'll see if it continues:).

Monkey see, Monkey do

This week has been busy in the news world in Cache Valley and I've spent more time on my cell phone than usual. One of these days I was positioned next to my front room window, right where the cell reception was the best (Sprint has much to be desired in my neck of the woods). I was intently listening to a police official give me story details when suddenly I heard what sounded like a prayer being said behind me. I turned around and saw Sophie standing behind Joshua in his doorway jumper thingy. She had her hands on his head and was giving him a blessing. I had to stifle a laugh.

Funny girl.

I think those back to school blessings made an impression on her.


Sophie's got a talent that the rest of us haven't yet figured out how to master ... she can make Joshua laugh almost at the drop of a hat. I'm not really quite sure how she does it. He'll give the rest of us smiles up the ying-yang, but Sophie gets most of the laughs. Maybe it's because she's close to his size, but whatever it is, it's really fun to watch.

Sometimes I think she thinks he's her own personal doll. She'll dress him up, snuggle next to him, push him around in the stroller, and other things, which need a whole post to themselves.

Here's how I found him the other day when I walked into the family room, decked out in her Sleeping Beauty sunglasses. Wish the picture was a little more clear.

Good thing he's so obliging:).

Monday, September 5, 2011

Record it

This has happened a couple of times, and I've finally got to document it...

We've tried different methods of reading the scriptures as a family. Currently we're trying to get Wes and Kate a little more involved with actually reading, or repeating, because they're not quite up to reading the scriptures on their own yet. So Matt or I will say a phrase, and they'll repeat it.

So here's the setting tonight, with Wes repeating along with Dad ...

Matt: "And behold, there are many.."
Wes: "And behold, there are many.."
Matt: "who are already lost..."
Wes: "who are already lost..."
Matt: "from the knowledge of those.."
Wes: "from the [mumble, mumble].."
Matt: "knowledge of those."
Wes: "knowledge of those [yawn]."
Matt: "who are at Jerusalem."
Wes: "who are at Jewuslum [mumble, yawn].
Matt: "Enunciate please."
Wes: "Enunciate please."

At this point I burst out laughing.

Wes looked at me startled, and then turned red, realizing what he'd said.

I couldn't help it. It was funny!

We only have them read two verses, so it's not like it should be torture, but it's probably time to change it up since this way of study has lost it's appeal ... [insert a little yawning and whining.]