Monday, July 11, 2011


We got to spend the 4th of July weekend with some great friends in Connecticut. Even though we were there only two years we made some really good friends and feel so blessed to have lived there.

A great friend (many people know her as my 'knitting friend') was brave enough to host us for three nights.

As we drove into Wethersfield Matt and I started pointing things out to Wes and Kate, and pretty soon they were recognizing and remembering the surroundings. My idea is to make a few trips to CT while we can so that these landmarks and some activities 'solidify' themselves in their memory so they'll actually remember it physically, more than just remember it through pictures.

At church on Sunday we felt as if we'd never left, even occupying 'our pew' in the back corner. A whole group of us had coordinated the visit so there was a ton of visiting; as a result Sunday School got started WAY late (sorry Bro. Smurthwaite;), next time we'll visit AFTER church). But it was so great to be with friends again.

Some of our other activities included a dessert potluck (more visiting), pancake breakfast (more visiting), mini golf (I stopped keeping track because Kristin put us to shame with her putting), BBQ (more visiting), and firework show in our friend's backyard. It was an ideal weekend. What made it even better was that there were babies EVERYWHERE. Wow, the Hartford Nursery would be bursting in a few months if everyone was still there. Totally awesome.

On another note we're loving the veggies filling our dinner table these days. Beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini; just writing it all makes me feel healthy. This picture is of the 5 1/2 foot tall tomatoes that we're being overrun by. We've never experienced anything like it but are told it's common here.

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