Monday, April 25, 2011


But we're almost there. Yesterday Matt said, "if we can just make it through this week ..." But I must have a few extra minutes if I'm sitting down and documenting this.

*We're in the thick of moving. Our apartment is half bare (it's heavenly and makes me want to yard sale everything!), and the garage at our new house is half full. Here's our house ...

Yes, landscaping is a major priority. And a paw print-less mailbox:).

*Easter was fun. We adopted an idea I came upon where Saturday is candy day and Sunday is about the meaning of the holiday. I think it went well. We had a mini egg hunt inside the empty rooms of our house. This picture is our culmination ...

*A woman in our ward passed along a bag of Sunday clothes just Wes' size. I was thrilled! I'm thinking dapper is a good description for this not-so-little guy ...

*Too much on the plate for sewing or shopping for Easter dresses this year so I resorted to opening up the 5-6 year old clothing bin and pulled out these dresses for Sophie and Kate. They loved them. At first the 5T dress Sophie is wearing was on Kate, but when I could see 3 inches above her knee it was passed on to the 3-year old. I think Kate's is some sort of swim suit cover, or just a casual jumper.

*Car collision late Friday night is causing me to wait from 8-12noon today for the insurance adjuster. Funny thing is I had a feeling a crash was coming minutes before it did. I remember adjusting my lap part of the seat belt because I thought, "boy if I were in a crash this baby wouldn't like it one bit." Good thing I was probably only going 5 mph (in skid mode) as I hit the man who apparently didn't see me and pulled out in front of the car. And thankfully no injuries. My first thought after was, "oh man, this will go on the vehicle report and we won't get as much money for the car when we sell it next month!" Oh well.

*Crazy jobs. Matt and I must have an obsession for crazy jobs to bring in a little extra cash. I won't go into details because I'm more embarrassed than proud of these. But when they come our way we always seem to say, 'okay', we can do that. But thankfully this one is over so no more of this pregnant lady getting her walking exercise through a huge club store at 2 a.m. this morning... why we're doing this right now in the thick of things is beyond me.

*Pollen. It's a good thing none of us has Spring allergies (even Wes isn't exhibiting major symptoms), because the pollen is blanketing the area. I thought the kids had been playing with yellow chalk on the car. Then I looked around and it's everywhere! Our realtor said it happens every year for a week or two.

*37 1/2 weeks. I'm really hoping this baby is late. We just need that much more time to get settled. Sophie was 5 days late, so I'm hoping for that this time too. My due date's the 12th, Matt gives two finals the 13th, then we're home free. Here's to hoping.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Or Catch Up in this case. Good grief we've done a lot and I haven't recorded it yet ... so go pop some popcorn, you're going to be here a while.

March is a month we always look forward to because Matt has Spring Break. And ever since we've lived on the East Coast (I make it sound like we've been here for years and years), that means travel time for us!

This year we chose to go to Williamsburg/Yorktown/Jamestown. #1 reason is because they're awesome places to visit, and #2 reason, my due date is getting closer so we didn't want to travel too far away for comfort's sake.

Wow, we were not disappointed at all. It was gorgeous! On the way down we went over the 23-mile long Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel which takes you down under the water twice, pretty cool. We got to our hotel and don't you love it when you are so pleasantly surprised with what you booked: it's appearance, hospitality and price. We'll definitely stay there again when in that area. Of course the highlight of the entire trip for our children was the pool at the hotel and the breakfast. Oh well, at least we (Matt and I) will have memories of the sites.

We first went to Yorktown and loved it. Living History Museums are the best. We saw blackpowder musket demonstrations, camp layout replicas, and were able to dress up like the first English who tried to make life work in this new land.

It was perfect ... a Thursday, slightly cool, and not a lot of touristy people.

Friday we started off walking around Williamsburg. I called my niece and told her there's got to be a way we can get her to go to William & Mary. Holy Smoke, that campus in that city is absolutely fantastic and beautiful and all other descriptive words you can think of.

Our kids didn't like walking around Williamsburg too much since we were seeing mostly shops and historic buildings and such. We decided the price was a little too steep to go on the full tour so we left and headed over to Jamestown.

About 20 or so school buses greeted us and we decided Friday's must be field trip day at sites like these. But still it was a lot of fun. We saw more replicas, Indian camps, an early village, and some cool ships.

We couldn't have asked for better weather and a springtime get away. That whole area is so well-kept, for obvious tourist reasons, and we look forward to going back again and again. We just scratched the surface as far as things to do. The one thing I feel badly about is not getting Matt the bumper sticker "Virginia is for Lovers". Totally describes him (may come as a surprise to some, but the truth).

It was a quick trip, but those always seem to go the best with our family.

Onto the next event in March ... Sophie's birthday!

We'd just gotten home and kind of counted the trip as a birthday present and so we played it pretty low key. I hung balloons on the ceiling fan the night before, knowing they'd be a big hit at breakfast time. We had a fun breakfast, opened presents and then headed off to a Primary Activity.

(someday we will get/make a real kitchen table and chairs:)).

When we got home we quickly made two round cakes and decorated them like balloons. Definitely not one of my most creative ideas, but Wes and Kate had fun decorating them.

We ended the day with a pizza party using this recipe ... one of our new favorites. It was just good family fun.
Sophie is truly a beautiful little lady. She tries so hard to keep up with Wes and Kate, and for the most part does a pretty good job. She's got spirit and spunk, and has a great relationship with her sister. Wes, on the other hand, has a somewhat typical (could you call it that?) brother/sister relationship with her. Although, many times they're very sweet together.

I'll start to wrap up with this picture.
Today we'd just sat down to lunch when this friendly little bat decided to join us outside our kitchen window. It climbed up the screen and settled in for a long nap ... in fact it's still there - 10 hrs later. But it was such a great preschool moment. We quickly googled facts about bats and by dinner time Kate could recite practically everything about it to Matt when he came home from work.

Lots of changes are coming our way and we're so ready for them. After a very unsettled year we're finally closing on a house next week (we've been there the last two FHE's planting a garden; got permission beforehand since it's really not 'officially' ours yet). We're also spending many weekends traveling to get new vehicles ... a truck for Matt (once you've had one, it's tough to be truckless, plus our house has lots of fun remodeling projects for us:)), and a van for the family. Our Camry has served us well but we think the state would frown on us strapping a child to the roof, or creating a third row in the trunk. We've been a one-car family for nearly three years and are so ready to be done with it.

Our baby is due in four weeks, and that is such an anticipated event. Wes and Kate were really too young to grasp when Sophie came along, so this go around has been really fun. I've even had a creative spark in changing out the nursery items ... farewell Americana, hello black, white and lime green. That's gender neutral enough isn't it? I changed out some of the basket fabric the other day and made an easy crib skirt like this one (obviously in my choice of colors), and am looking forward to making some stuffed toys like this and this, and possibly a yo-yo quilt (a little hesitant on that one, but I can dream:)). And just saw this cute blessing dress today, if we have a girl. I also want to make new slip covers for a glider rocker my parents gave us when the twins were born. My problem is 'my eyes are bigger than my plate', so we'll see how it all goes. It's been fun though.

Whew ... I think we're somewhat caught up:). 'Til next time then ...