Thursday, March 10, 2011

Funny little lady

I've got the best picture of Sophie, but dare not post it because it's an underwear picture. But yesterday she came out of her room donned in her sweatshirt and no pants, only her hot pink panties with white polka dots, and her winter boots. Earlier in the day I'd done her hair in a high ponytail bun, and when she saw me she struck a pose just like Wonder Woman. I pulled out the camera and had to capture it for posterity's sake. So funny.

Some other funny things she's done lately ...

For those of you who know (and love) the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice ... remember the infamous Mr. Collins and all of his idiosyncrasies. One of them is when he quickly puts his hand up to his mouth as if to quiet himself when Lady Catherine de Burgh cuts him off. But the way he puts his hand to his mouth is not covering it (parallel), but perpendicularly. Does that make sense?

Well, whenever Sophie coughs or sneezes, she hold her hand in this exact pose. I know I have a future P&P lover on my hands:).

Secondly. Whenever she goes to the bathroom she requests a book. We've got four or five in a basket in the bathroom for her reading convenience. So this morning I read Come Back, Amelia Bedelia.

In it, Amelia Bedelia is fired from various jobs because of her literal way of taking things, so she keeps seeking out 'help wanted' signs in windows.

On our nature walk this afternoon (we live within 4 blocks of a great museum near a pond, an easy walk along a wooded path), we kept seeing various signs along the way ... election signs, ADT security signs, signs identifying plants along the nature pathway. Each time we saw a sign Sophie would say, "What's that sign say, Mom?" I'd tell her what it read.

She'd then say, "No, it says 'help wanted'."

Just this morning I said to Matt, it's amazing what 6 months can do in the life of a 2-3 year old ... they just grow and verbalize and sponge up so much during that time. She's so much more grown up than I'd like to admit.