Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's just the mailman, Mom! And wonderful gifts

Kate tends to think that anyone who smiles and wears a uniform is NOT a stranger. So she will happily talk to them whenever. Although I'm thankful for her innocence, it frightens me that she's so willing to trust people who appear to be an authority figure. There are other situations I won't post, but I don't seem to be 'getting through' on the stranger/danger subject.

Tonight I was in the back of the apartment and Kate comes running down the hall. It's a very small apartment = about a 10 foot run down the hall, so I'm not quite sure how I missed all this action. But back to it ... she runs down the hall with a package, evidently delivered by the UPS man, unbeknownst to me.

After our 'talk' once again about not opening the door unless I'm there, we opened a much welcomed and anticipated package from my sister. Inside were 6 or more hardback books about Book of Mormon heroes, and some CD's about morals/principles. My mind's hallelujah chorus was going crazy.

One of the best things about being the youngest, are the hand-me-downs I've gotten. They're much more appreciated as I grow older;).

My sister got these books from a neighbor, who bought them for when her grandchildren visited her. She, my sister, was recently going through her library and thought they'd be more age-appropriate for my children. I also love that she has almost single-handedly supplied us with our preschool materials. I must remember to 'pay it forward', since Matt's the oldest in his family and has siblings who can benefit from our hand-me-downs in the future.

These books look almost new and are in near perfect condition. Wes and Kate were thrilled, and instantly requested we read about Nephi and the Brass Plates, since that's where they're reading right now.

We're also excited to listen to the CD's about honesty, forgiveness, and more, since we are freshly finished with Ramona the Brave, and Ramona Quimby, Age 8.

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