Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year thoughts and do-dads

This week we introduced the concept of goals to our children, essentially to set them for our family for 2011 ... resolutions of sorts. Since they're relatively young, we made suggestions and they approved or disapproved. I plan to make a nice computer print out of them and put them in a nice black frame so we can see them daily, an idea from my brother and sister-in-law.

Here are a few:
*Have more meaningful Family Home Evenings.
*Complete a family service project monthly.
*Be Healthy ... nutrition, exercise.

Tonight was a success in the FHE front. So here's to 51 more successes this year:).
Documenting section for posterity:

Wes and Kate had their annual well-check visit today and they met their new doctor. Things went well and both are growing well. Although I'm convinced they had the wrong growth chart measurement for Wes. They must've had him measured up against a 4-year old rather than 5-year old, because they put him in the 90th and 97th percentile, which is not true. He's a skinny little guy and has always been right around the 37th percentile in both. And I didn't see any shooting up this year, other than with Kate. She's now four lbs. heavier and 1 1/4" taller than Wes.

Sophie is our little potty training queen. We started last summer, but were interrupted by our extended stay in Utah and stay at a home owned by Matt's employer, which I didn't feel like cleaning the carpets everyday due to accidents. So we waited until we moved into our apartment. She's been ready to train for a while and so it's been a total breeze. The other day Matt looked at me and said, "I don't remember Wes and Kate being this easy." They WEREN'T. Part of the frustration was training two at one time, but also I think now we're more relaxed about it and it's worked wonders. So way to go Fia Fia!

Our next big project is getting back to the house hunt. Hopefully we'll avoid soap operas and 'one for the record books' (direct quote from our Realtor) this time.

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