Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back in business

After weeks and months of not posting with pictures, we're back in business! Thanks to a new camera, and getting our belongings out of storage, we have documenting capabilities again. The problem now, which I've never had before, is I'm unable to maneuver the pictures on blogger like I did before. Hopefully it's just a problem tonight, and I'll be able to rearrange them soon. But meanwhile there they are ... all at the top of the post.

A nutshell run through of our goings-on over the last 3 weeks prove to be mind spinning, but I'll try to be brief.

The day after the previous post about putting up our Christmas tree we were notified by Matt's work that the home we were staying in was booked for the Christmas holidays. What it essentially meant was that we had to move out in six days. So that Thursday our children and I toured multiple apartment units recommended by our Realtor, and found one that offered a 3-month lease since we plan on being in a home by Spring.

The bonus was we'd finally get our moving van unloaded (it has been stored outside of town since August) meaning we'd have different clothes and winter coats! The downside was that we'd be packing up and moving again in a matter of weeks, and our apartment is only two bedrooms; but there wasn't much else we could do, and we figured we've been jumbled for so long that 3 more months really can't be that bad.

Meanwhile we had a terrific Christmas! And even received an unusual snowstorm which brought about 10 inches. Our city declared a state of emergency for 72 hours. Welcome to the shore!

We were unable to go to the temple lights and concert series before Christmas, but made it shortly thereafter. We made a day of it and visited some places in D.C. we didn't get to during our visit last Spring Break. It was also before we realized we'd be moving here.

We LOVED the Library of Congress and envisioned scenes from National Treasure 2 (good grief I can't even create links tonight, otherwise there would've been one there).

We also went to the United States Botanic Garden, where they had a seasonal display of trains and Christmas trees. It was so beautiful.

Later, we went to the temple and enjoyed the lights and atmosphere. Matt and I commented that we picked the right week to go since the week prior had temperatures about 20 degrees cooler.

We also sledded a bit, and found the only decent hills in the area are near a city park and golf course. When we went to buy sleds after the snowstorm they were sold out. So by the time they came in our snow was pretty scarce, but everyone loved it anyway.

We feel so blessed to be here with a good job. That's what's most important right now. We're excited for 2011 and for the changes and experiences it will bring; namely a home, hopefully in March or April, and a baby in May.

Kate said to me on the way home from church today, "Mom, you're the luckiest mommy I know." And I'd have to say she's right.


Abbi said...

A baby in May?!! Congratulations!!! And we're so glad you had a good Christmas. Best of luck with the pregnancy + moving + finding a new home + being a mom to three busy ones. You're inspiring.

Amber Baker said...

Ahh, we are so happy for you. Here's hoping for the house BEFORE the baby. Sending good vibes your way. We love you!

Sara said...

How wonderful to have you back online with pictures, even. :) All the best in 2011 - and great news on the babe, too! That is so exciting.

Brooke said...

Did you say a baby in May?! That's awesome! We're expecting a baby in May as well! Hope all is well with you guys. We miss you here in CT. Happy New Year!

Rick and Janae said...

Way to sneak that baby announcement in there, I'm glad I was reading carefully. Congratulations! We are so excited for you guys! Good luck with the house hunt, if you ever feel like visiting CT, I hope you know you have a place to stay.