Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving Thanks

What a wonderful time of year. We're so thankful for this 8 week period where it's so natural to think of being grateful and turning our thoughts to Christ.

We had a great Thanksgiving with friends, were able to talk with family and even finally got on the skype bandwagon.

We had toyed with the idea of going to Connecticut for Thanksgiving, but then received an invitation to dinner with Matt's department head. Since we're in temporary housing and all of our things are still in storage, we knew it would be a scaled down holiday anyway. The kitchen here has the basics for cooking, but really nothing for baking or serious kitchen action. So this year's feast included a lot of store-bought items, but it was still wonderful.

The family we had dinner with also has boy and girl twins who just turned 4, so there was a lot of action! They had a great playroom that the five kids played in practically the whole time, so it was a perfect set up.

We ended up making some great Pilgrim bonnets and hats and Mayflower replica's, but they'll have to be saved for another time when I can post pictures again. They were tried an true Martha Stewart ideas, and turned out really cute.

We also had a great weekend celebrating Wes and Kate's 5th birthday. Wow! Can it really be 5 years already? We went and saw Tangled (highly recommended by our clan), and then opened presents and had cake. One thing I've realized about having late-November babies is you can get GREAT deals on their presents if they fall after or on Black Friday. We scored big time this year. Matt's just not excited that we've added two more things to our collection of 'stuff' here in this small house. But I figured, house or no house, it'd really be hard explaining a 'no presents, until we get into a house' policy to five year olds.

Another thing we're thankful for is Magic Eraser. I was on the phone this afternoon with a friend in Michigan and Sophie took the opportunity to share her artwork on the walls.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Interpretation of Tongues

As a parent you soon learn to interpret many languages: grunting, pointing, cries, and then of course English - 2 year old style.

For example: Sophie just came and asked me for a bye.

"A bye?", I repeated.

"Yes, a bye." she said.

I knew she was hungry because she's been on an eating spree lately. So I said, "do you want a drink?" "No!" "Okay, do you want an apple?" "NO! (jumping up and down included).

I try again ... "Sophie what do you want?"

"A (mumble, mumble) bye".

I'm still not getting it, so I say, "Show me."

She walks over to the cupboard and points at the granola bars.

Of course, I should've known, since a kye is a car and the doy is the door, etc., etc.

Now I've gotta start keep track of the good ones Kate comes up with ... i.e. "I'm feeling ridiculous." :).