Monday, October 25, 2010

We're Here

I'm still amazed that we spent 11 weeks in Utah. That's nearly a quarter of a year! We are so grateful for family and friends who housed and fed us.

But now we're finally together again as a family. I'm sure Matt's had to adjust to the noise level:).

We are still in transition and don't have a set date when we're not, we just hope it's soon. The disadvantage of buying a foreclosure is all the stickiness and lack of speed with which it's handled. But hopefully that will be a memory soon. If not, we'll just look for another house and move forward. Too many details to discuss here.

So here are some things I'm thankful for ...

*increased humidity.
*mild weather, making running in the mornings pleasant.
*children who seem to go with the flow in whatever situation they've been placed.
*time to spend checking email and blogs without feeling like I'm hogging our host's computer.
*proximity to the ocean - not that I'm a beach bum, but man, you gotta check out our neighboring city. It's breathtaking.
*the consistency of the Church.
*that we're together as a family again.

We're staying in a University house while waiting for a permanent residence and it's quite nice. Fully furnished, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, the cleaning lady comes every Friday (I warned Matt I might get used to that;)), beautifully decorated, what more could you ask for in what basically is an extended-stay hotel at half the price?

All I can say is this will definitely be a time we'll look back and reminisce on the craziness of this move. Meanwhile I'm loving reading through three months worth of magazines I got in the mail, exploring a bit of the city/area each day, and not having too many responsibilities yet.


Christy said...

Welcome back to the East Coast! I sure do miss all of you Baileys here in Connecticut though. Hopefully your house purchase paperwork stuff will get resolved soon and you and your family will be able to get settled into "home". Have fun exploring your new surroundings!

BertB said...

Aw! So glad that you've made it safely to MD, but I have to admit, I miss you a lot! Last Friday, I thought to myself, "You should call Heather to see if she wants to play tennis." Then I remembered the sad truth. That you're gone! I saw your parents at the templo last night, and they said that you've given a rave report of the ocean to them. How fun! Good luck with the cleaning lady! Ha ha!

jill said...

A cleaning lady is a beautiful thing and not as pricey as is commonly thought. I'm glad you're back! Ish. I loved having you all stop in. Admittedly I held on to the water bottles for weeks hoping you'd stop back. :) You're all in our prayers. I'm excited for you to get into your own place and settle in. Plus also, I'm a bit jealous of your East Coast living. Humidity included.