Saturday, October 2, 2010


Amazingly, we're still in Utah.

We're holding up but I'm ready to go. Since the paperwork on the foreclosure we're buying is taking way longer than we ever anticipated, I'm booking tickets to Maryland and just calling it good. We'll still be living out of suitcases, but at least we'll all be together as a family.

Our families here in Utah have been so generous in offering us a roof, food, and entertainment. We really could never repay their kindnesses. A blessing has been that our children have gotten to know cousins and grandparents like they've never done before. They no longer cling to me every second, and now freely give hugs and kisses to all.

We've been at my parent's the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed daily trips to feed some neighbor's horses corn stalks freshly chopped down from the garden. My dad has a trailer we ride in that's pulled by his 4-wheeler. I hope my children retain memories of these days.

As we've gathered in the harvest and put things away for the coming season, it's reminded me of one of my all time favorite children's books, 'The Oxcart Man' by Donald Hall. Since I can't seem to move the picture of the book, you'll see that it's at the top of the post. What a great book. The description on Wikipedia says, "the book deals with an 18-century farming family that uses an ox-cart to take their goods to market, where they make money to buy the things they need." Anyway, I have been in that mode of thinking right now for some reason.
Another joy and complete surprise was the announcement of the Hartford, CT temple in this morning's session of LDS General Conference. I can't tell you how much I wished we were sitting in the chapel of the Hartford ward building to hear the announcement there. I gasped, then immediately started crying. Kate looked at me and kept saying, "Mom, why is your face like that?" Oh, what a blessing. You'd better believe we're going to the open house or dedication!
I miss my husband, I miss my CT friends, I miss having a home, but we have been so blessed to have so much support at this transitory time. It will soon be over!


jill said...

Ahhh! I thought of you when the Hartford temple was announced! Yay!! I knew you'd be excited. :) Thank you so much for stopping to see us, even for a few minutes. We miss living next door and hope you have a great trip back to Maryland.

Mike and Jen said...

I'm so glad to hear an update from you! How great is that about the temple. I am hoping that we will make it back for the open house or dedication too. So amazing. Its funny to think that we would have been sitting in the chapel for the announcement too if we would have been there. Can you send me your new address when you get a chance? Oh and your CT friends miss you too :)

J and M said...

Hooray for the temple, for you guys to be reunited, and to someday have a home. I love extended time with grandparents, where life can be more real.

The Davies Family said...

I thought of you too when I heard that! Yay!
So where are you going to stay when you get here? Do you need a place? Just let me know! I know you want to be with your hubby, but if you do need something you guys are welcome!

Angie said...

I can only imagine how hard it is to not be with your hubby! Steve was gone for three weeks in September, and I missed him terribly!! I am glad you will be together soon. :)

Rachel and Jared said...

We miss you too!! Hang in there girl! I still think that you should come visit us!!