Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Routine

Our children and I are settling into a new routine. We've been in Utah for 2 1/2 weeks and should be here for approximately one more month. We packed enough clothes so we wouldn't be washing every other day, and so it really isn't as bad as I anticipated.

I suppose my hesitancy in staying so long is because of the unsettled nature of our visit. We, as most know, are 'between homes' right now. Matt flew back to the east on Saturday and is settling in nicely at his new job. He would've gladly traded me places as I dropped him off at the airport.

We're trying to close on a foreclosure home and are now in the midst of the endless paperwork it seems is necessary to purchase a home. But if it works out, it will be really nice for our family.

We took a quick trip as a family to look for homes, right before coming to Utah, and found several that would suit us well. One thing we've realize though, is we are lacking in the furniture department. Our one couch, one chair, and one bookcase would have to be stretched between a family and living room, but there are no complaints from me. I'm quite looking forward to the commitment of long term furniture.

Wes, Kate and Sophia, meanwhile, are loving playing with cousins and getting to know grandparents better. We're really blessed to have family who are so willing to house us during this time. I'm trying to make it as 'normal' as possible, meaning attending story time, reading routine, arts/crafts. I figured our first 2 weeks were the 'vacation' phase, and now we're down to the 'be as normal as possible' phase. Although it can be stifling at times, I miss the humidity of Connecticut. I spent the first week in Utah constantly applying Carmex to my cracking lips, and hydrocortizone ointment to Wes' eczema.

Meanwhile, I can almost taste the cider and hear the crackle of dried corn stalks as we head into autumn. I LOVE IT!