Saturday, July 24, 2010

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

These last few weeks have been full of fun and trying to get all the things in that we want to do.

I don't know about blog etiquette and apologize if any of these friends don't want their picture floating out there (so tell me, if you don't), but this is an introduction to some of the best women and book club members ever. I never thought of being in a book club before moving here, but was invited the first Sunday and it turned out to be such a rewarding experience. I made great friends, loved the social outlet it provided for me, and really enjoyed the expanding of my mind with the great selections in literature.

Earlier this month we went to a local air museum and took advantage of these great pedal planes for children. Wes got really good at maneuvering this puppy.
Most of the museum was indoors and in huge hanger-type structures. Then there was a field of old planes on display.As a family we've taken advantage of the booming blueberry season here in New England. We've been drying blueberries like crazy so they'll store well and look forward sharing a little bit of the East with our family in the West. Sophie is quite possibly the best blueberry picker in our family.

I had to snap this great picture of Sophie the other day while we were running errands. Don't worry, Matt was driving, not me. She insists on putting her sunglasses first thing, and then usually asks for her hat. This time the hat wasn't there, but sunglasses were - upside-down, which is her preferred way of wearing them.
Two Sundays ago Kate was acting suspicious. When I asked her why she was being so sneaky she told me she didn't want me to ask her questions like that. Okay. I let it drop for a few minutes and then went to the couch to read the paper. Kate joined me and was playing on the floor. After a while of looking at her I could tell something wasn't quite right. She had chunks of hair missing. Good grief, I thought we were over this stage. After questioning her she told me she wanted short hair like "W____'s", a new girl that has moved into our ward. I was not a happy camper, but Matt did well to step in and smooth the situation over while I calmed down. Needless to say, I decided I needed to take her to a professional to repair the damage.

So our friend Erica was nice enough to blend in the short sides without chopping her hair entirely off. I will admit though, she doesn't have nearly as many snarls as before. I warned Kate to never touch Sophia's hair, and that if she wants a haircut she needs to come to me beforehand. My parents think I'm just planting ideas in her head about Sophie.
It's been a great summer so far. We've had to say goodbye to too many friends who've moved away, but we've made some great memories.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where in the world is Carmen San D ... oh I mean, Matt?

Matt's on official job hunting business and I thought I'd update this for posterity's sake.

Here's a description of his travels and the reason why our car could basically drive itself to the airport by now. I'll just name states here ...

Fly to Wyoming, home, phone interview with Chicago, fly to Chicago, home, phone interview with California, fly to Maryland, home, fly to Wisconsin, home, etc. TBA.

He's about 2/3 of the way through this schedule and for those who really know Matt, this is completely NOT what he likes to do. But I appreciate that he's doing it for our family ... since employment is basically a necessity:).

This is all in the last two weeks and we know for sure that Wyoming is a no-go. It's still too soon to know about the others, although things hopefully will start to come together in the next couple of weeks.