Sunday, June 6, 2010


  • Matt mowed the lawn yesterday. When we woke up this morning there were about 50 of these (pictured below) in our yard. Just shows how much humidity and dampness we've had lately. I've taken showers morning and night for the last week, and pretty much haven't done my hair in that time; not worth the effort. I don't remember it being this humid this early, but my skin is loving it.
  • Sophie's learned how to open our car doors and her favorite thing is to get inside and turn every knob and press every button. It's caused quite a problem, so we've had to start locking our car doors inside the garage. If someone's gone in and out of the garage door that leads into the house, she's a swift little cookie and will be out there in a flash. We found her this way the other morning. Apparently I'd left some mascara in the catch-all.
We also had a scare with it on Friday: a hot, humid day. I hadn't seen her for about 5 minutes and asked Matt if he had, which he hadn't. So I started searching the house, with no luck. Then I went to the garage and there she was, in the car with sweat dripping from her hair and face. I swear it was 90 degrees in the garage, don't know how much in the car, but plenty warm. She was playing away but it scared me that if Matt and I had thought she was with the other for 30 minutes or so, we could've been in real trouble.

It's my favorite site. This play kitchen was made by one of her readers (the blog host is a very talented woman who offers her plans for free). My friend and I are having fun getting things going in the early stages. Mine will be for Christmas, and hers for a birthday in July.
  • I'm in a laundry slump. I just can't seem to get it together. I knew it was bad when today I went downstairs to get Wes some underwear from the unfolded pile, and found that I've exhausted that supply. So tomorrow is a 'get-it-together' day. I'm fine at washing and drying; it's the folding part that's somehow lost in the mix.
  • Today in Church our Primary Presidency was reorganized. So women were standing up and sitting down all around us, being released and sustained. Kate leaned over to me and said, "Mommy, why aren't you getting proposed today?" I asked her to repeat herself because I couldn't figure out what she was saying. When she said it again I realized she was taking the words, "it is proposed so-and-so be sustained as the new such-and-such". I told her it wasn't my turn yet, and once again realized how much of a sponge children are ... taking it in, when we think they're not paying attention.
  • Lately Matt and I have been pondering Elder Bednar's General Conference talk Watching With All Perseverance. We've been re-thinking our family scripture study. I won't go into our nightly circus act performance, but will say we're grateful for talks like this which cause us to stop and think, then start and press forward.
  • We went to a fun Greek Festival Friday night. Last year it was a big hit and every time we passed the Greek Church since then (since it's on the way to Matt's work), Wes and Kate would say, "remember when we went there?" So we were so excited when we saw the banner go up again saying when it would be held. We went with some friends and enjoyed good food, music and dancing.
We're trying to squeeze as many fun things as possible in these last few weeks.

So far so good:).