Monday, May 24, 2010

I've struggled posting anything as of late, but will write a few sentences now. There's been so much to say, but since this is not a private blog, and even if it were I wouldn't post some things (gotta figure out that post option of not allowing the world to see).

I'll share just a bit, for record's sake, and then privately account for everything.

We are moving. And I'm very sad about that. Not that our current state has become our home of homes, but still, we truly love it here. We love our friends, our church family, and the easy access to adventures.

We have grown here. We appreciate family more, church more, and each other more.

The problem is we don't have a job. I don't feel sorry for us, so you shouldn't either. We'll find one, but just haven't struck it yet. That's where the test has been. There's been a high level of stress in our home (thanks to me), and our children have been affected (again, thanks and no thanks to me).

We spent a very nice weekend in Boston visiting more sites, John and Abigail Adams homes (what marvelous people), the Children's Museum, and a temple session (for me). We traveled home on a less traveled highway and enjoyed the winding roads and small towns along the way. We will miss this.

Our house is for sale. Our landlord has been wonderful and very accommodating, but it is still tough keeping a house clean and tidy for showing. But again, it's been fine (and only 4 days. Ask me in a month and maybe my hair will all be gone).

The blessing in all of this craziness is the peace and calm that Matt has been. He has been a rock. He's held his cool as I've lost it. He's responded optimistically as I've let the stress overcome me. He's answered with love as I've reacted rashly. I'm so grateful. He's such a good man; a gentle giant.

Now I'm committed to leave my old self (of the past few weeks) behind, and take on the day. The house is clean, the children fed ... now let's enjoy these last few weeks.