Monday, May 31, 2010


We experienced a couple of 'firsts' this Memorial Day weekend and it's really been enjoyable.

First we watched the PBS Memorial Day special Sunday night. I don't remember the official name, but it was a concert in front of the U.S. Capitol building in D.C. It was a great tribute to our soldiers of today and yesterday. It was also an opportunity for us to talk with our children about honoring those who've sacrificed to make our country free.

We also grilled shrimp on our little Smokey Joe. We were inspired by my brother's family. Recently they took a S. California trip and blogged about it every day. They were always grilling something. So I ventured out to the grocery store in search of shrimp. We are not really exotic eaters and so I'd never done this before, but now that I've shelled and deveined shrimp, I'll know next time that perhaps the $1 or $2 extra per pound to have that done for you is worth it.

No, it actually wasn't that bad, but I thought about the process too much, and when I do that, sometimes I don't want to eat it. It did turn out really well though. We used the instructions here, and then the recipe for the marinade here.

Wes and Sophie ate it up. Kate was a little leery.

We also skewered some green peppers and early squash, then cooked corn in their husks right on the coals. We topped it off with rootbeer floats and called it a success.


Chavonne said...

ooh That sounds yummy! I could eat shrimp everyday. Ross, not so much. I have to cook it for myself while he's at work. Totally worth spending the little extra to have it ready to cook.

Angie said...

I am not a seafood fan, so it doesn't sound great to me, but Steve would love it if I would grill some shrimp!