Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It always seems there's so much to do and so little time. I'm especially feeling that now as our family looks towards our future. I need to keep my camera with me at all times to take all those pictures I've said I wanted to take before we move on.

Here are just some of pictures I want to take and will post when they're taken.

*I have two favorite houses here ... one very extravagant that we pass every Sunday on the way to church, and the other, a more manageable abode and so beautiful.
*The different colors of homes in New England. I love how deep and rich some people paint their houses: reds, blues, greens, yellows, burnt oranges, black and dark browns ... you'll see what I mean when I actually post them ... so unlike what we're used to in Utah.
*Granite curbs. (I'm pretty sure they're granite, sure look like it). Our friend confirmed there's a lack of gravel here and so asphalt and granite are used, where Utah seems to be built upon gravel pits and so cement is very plentiful.
*Live wreaths (or candles) in every window of a home at Christmas time (I can't believe I procrastinated on this one so badly that I won't be able to get it before we go) ... so beautiful and a tradition we've said we'd like to carry with us wherever we go.

But today I did get a picture I've been wanting to take ever since the blossoms started. On our bike rides we pass a beautiful tree in bloom on the border between two exceptionally well-kept houses in our back neighborhood. It's so stunning to me that I've contemplated ringing their doorbells and asking permission to have family pictures taken in their yards. Hopefully they'd take it as a compliment, but I doubt I'll really do it. Someday I hope to have such an inviting garden/yard.
I wish my camera and picture taking skills could do it justice. (Notice the asphalt curbing)


jill said...

Most of my life I have simultaneously wanted to live in New England while being scared to death to move that far from home. These are the reasons I've always wanted to live there. You lucky lady!!! I can't wait for the pictures. (p.s. Dave and I have regularly commented on the lack of imagination in home colors in Utah. You'd think they wanted to camouflage themselves into the desert. WHY????)

Steve said...

It was great to talk with you yesterday! What an amazing tree...and yard! I agree with the Utah homes. Steve and I are sick of looking at brown stucco, which is our house. We do have red brick though. :)

Steve said...

I always forget to switch accounts when I am on Steve's computer...oops.

J and M said...

oooh. I love that tree. I had my "favorites" in MN, and NE.......I need to do some picture taking here. It's like you can breathe the colors in.

Are you guys in UT this summer at all?