Monday, March 8, 2010


It was nearly 60 degrees today and just plain heavenly. We had the back door open for half of the day and the little ones freely ran in and out as they planted seeds (mustard seed from my spice rack), played kick ball, had a picnic in our screened-in back patio, and ran around screaming for the joy of being outside. It was glorious!

I was more productive today than usual and I'm crediting it to the weather as well. There's just something about a little sun in one's life.

I've also been thinking of the fond days of yester-year when Matt and I would fly down to Southern California during this week. It's when the USU Aggies were in the Big West and the conference basketball tournament was held in Anaheim. I was working in sales along with doing on-air stuff. One of the perks was: sell well and get a trip. Plus with the on-air status there was a deal where we would get into Disneyland and California Adventures for free (I won't link to them since they have plenty of influence everywhere else). The trip would basically cost us our meals and the tickets to the tournament. Oh the days of being footloose and fancy free. We were so spoiled, and we loved it. Those are some of those memories we 'look back on fondly'. Those were also the days when I never took pictures and so you'll just have to imagine.

I'm glad to be making memories, whether they're picnicking in the backyard with my children on a beautiful day, or losing my voice while cheering on the Aggies. Either way, I've learned I'm happy for the changes that come with regular life and the renewal I feel with seasonal change.


Carrie said...

Amen! Doesn't a new season just make everything all right? I'm glad you guys had such a glorious day!

Chavonne said...

Nothing like a little sunshine to perk you up and provide weather to occupy your children. I'm glad someone is getting nice, warm weather.

Amber Baker said...

Sunshine. Where is it? I need it NOOOOW! I can't wear the long black skirt (it's long because I wear thermals, I know weird) and boots to church one more Sunday.

cragun family said...

I hear ya. Bring on that sunshine, it does seem to brighten everything up! Finally catching up. You guys sound like you are doing good, and I can't believe how much the kids are growing.