Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow ... FINALLY!

This winter has been very mild. I'm not talking about temperatures ... we've been cold enough, but where's the snow? It's been bare and ugly for most of the season. By this time last year church had been canceled at least twice, school once (at our private institution, the public ones probably closed 4 or 5 times), and we had experienced the mild 'panic' that occurs in our state when snow is forecasted. I'd never before heard of things being canceled before a flake had even fallen. All in all, there hasn't been as much drama this year.

While Washington D.C./Philadelphia were paralyzed by record storms, we had bright, sunny skies. My mom kept calling and saying, are you getting snow yet? Nope. It seemed like those storms put all of their force into a certain area and completely missed New England.

A storm last week was supposed to finally deliver and so schools were canceled. Two inches fell.

The storm this week wasn't built up nearly as much (the meteorologists were probably gun shy), but lo and behold, we got 7"! A proper snowstorm! We've been playing, building, sledding and shoveling for the past 24 hours. It's been great.

Funny thing about it though. On Monday we went shopping for a sled. Apparently February is 'out of season' and so our shopping trip was unsuccessful. Wes and Kate were heartbroken. I had told them we'd go sledding that day. I went digging in our garage and found a saucer I thought we'd left back in Utah and presented the prize to the saddened crew. Their faces instantly changed and we bundled up and headed for the local elementary school grounds (school's out this week). Remember this is BEFORE the snow storm. As we rounded the corner I looked at the bowl-shaped school lot and thought, "Uh-oh, looks like we'll be sledding on grass." Luckily we found one narrow slice of snow that went from the top to the bottom, so we instantly claimed it as our own. We got some funny looks by passers-by, but oh we had fun. Too bad I didn't bring the camera because it was pretty desperate looking. After we were done I told W and K the forecast of snow for the next day and said we'd be able to do some proper sledding.

So the next morning off we went with some friends to the school. What a difference 18 hours made. There were three other groups already there and we had a ball.

Today we finished shoveling the last of the snow from overnight and proceeded to make an unofficial Boy Scout snow cave. This snow was perfect for it.

Hope you're enjoying whatever weather is at your house!


angie said...

That is pretty funny that they cancel school so quickly and early. Would ours even cancel with 7 inches?! The ground has been snowless here for several weeks, but I am not complaining. The mountains are getting some, so the boys can still go ski. The artic (Cache Valley) is another story. ;)

J and M said...

Hoooooray!!! It isn't a winter without snow indeed. I don't even think Texas sells sleds?

Carrie said...

I wish we would get some snow. It's just cold and gray with brown mud everywhere....but I did see my hyacinths peeking out of the dirt today. I'll take spring too! Cute pics in the snow!!