Saturday, January 30, 2010

The power of example

We're not claiming brilliance, just sharing a sobering observation.

Sophie can count to at least 13. As a mother of three busy, young children I didn't notice this at first. It was brought to my attention a couple of months ago by Wes' speech therapy teacher.

We were dropping him off at school and walking down some stairs to Ms. D's class. Ms. D had Sophie's hand. She stopped mid-way and said, "Heather, do you hear this?" Sophie was counting the stairs as she was walking down. When we got home I put in a load of laundry and walked up the stairs with Sophie. Again, she counted. We have 13 stairs, so she stopped at 13. Now mind you, there's no clear enunciation of the numbers, just the tonal imitation.

When Matt came home from work I declared her geniusness.

A few days later I'm coming up the stairs from another load of laundry, this time with Kate at my side. She starts to count. Ah-hah ... I realize what's happening. Kate counts everything, every where; in the car, at the store. Sophie's following her example.

Thus it is with the alphabet song. She's imitating what she's hearing.

Herein lies the problem. She's not only learning the good, but the bad too. Sophie's no longer playing nicely. Her most common playtime activity right now is to go up to Wes and say loudly, "Wes, NO!" and then swat him with her hand before running off.

{Sigh} Oh, if only ....


It's easy to forget the complexity and comprehension of child development and communication, unless you're living with a child.

[setting ... driving in the car]

Kate: Mom, why is there that HUGE stop sign in the road?

Me: So we'll know where to stop.

Kate: But Mom, why was it sooo HUGE?

Me: This is a very busy street, so it needs to be big so all the cars can see it.

Kate: Mooommmm, cars don't have eyes. (said with the attitude of, 'get real, Mom').

Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Lady Sophie Lofie

I keep putting off a Sophie post because our camera is broken, but I'm forgetting some of the funny things she's doing, so I'll do it now.

She's become very chatty. So here's a peek into what she's like ...

*When I take her off her bed in the morning she says, without emotion and kind of sleepily ... "wee". That's it. A statement. No "weeeeeee" with rollercoaster inflection. Just flat out, "wee". It's hilarious.

*She loves to acknowledge her siblings when they enter the room, so quite often during the day she'll say, "hello Wes", or "look mom, Wes" (pointing). And Kate's name is pronounced Keht (rhyming with 'set'). Every once in a while she'll pronounce the long 'a', but pretty rarely. So it's always, "ni-nite Keht".

*Sophie sleeps in the bunk below Kate and it's funny to watch when she realizes/remembers that Kate is above her. Here's background information ... we usually put Sophie to bed about 30 minutes after W & K because it's tough getting three down at once in the same room. So tonight I went in with Sophie, climbed on her bed with her and then hear, "psst, Mom!" I'm quiet, hoping Kate will take the hint and not talk again, since we've talked about the whole 'getting Sophie to sleep challenge'. But no, "Mom ... MOM!" Then here comes Sophie's realization that Kate's up there. Her response is, "Mom, Keht (pointing up)". Then comes the knocking on the wall by Sophie, "hello, Keht".

*Sophie's a TA-DAer, meaning, after she does things she usually ends it by saying 'ta-da!'.

Oh she's a cutie and we love her. More fun sayings to come, I'm sure:).

Friday, January 8, 2010


Phrases I've heard this morning ... (by 8:30 a.m.)

W* .... Mommy, I don't want those pants, they're too dangerous.

K* .... (wailing) I'm not ready to go to time out!

S* .... BOO! (our traditional response as we put on clothes and peek through, even if she's struggling against it, she'll always respond that way ... very cute).


Thankfully I had an alright sleep last night and am not feeling hungry, because this has been one of those doozey mornings:).

For journaling purposes, here are a few things we're experiencing right now.

*I'm finding that the age of 4 is the 'whine and cry' stage for us. Hopefully this does not continue the whole year. (other parents of 4 year olds, or former 4 year olds ... is this normal?;))

*S* is exploding vocabularily. She repeats a ton of what we say, and sometimes we can understand it.

*W & K had their 4-year old doctor's appointment this week. W* is in the 50% in height and weight (we've come a long way from the 2nd percentile, yay!). K* is in the 75th in weight and 95th in height. She's actually 1 1/4" taller and 1/2 lb. heavier than W*. We won't talk about the drama of the shots, other than to say the nurse was impressed (probably in not a good way) with Kate's bucking, kicking, flailing, and howling. She is a very strong little girl.

*S* hasn't had her hair cut yet. It's curly and quite long (mid-back when wet). And it looks like her eyes have finally decided their color and it's hazel. So now we'd just need a green-eyed child and we'd represent every color on the spectrum (at least the typical colors).

*M's gotten really good at applying for jobs. His total so far is at least a dozen. The locations in yesterday's batch? ... Virginia, Utah, Hawaii and California.

*I've coordinated a knitting club -my latest passion. It's pretty close to being my most enjoyable hobby yet. After 7 scarves completed for Christmas, I'm preparing for the jump to a cute short-sleeved cardigan. Luckily one of our members is experienced, so she can mentor me since there aren't community classes offered this semester. The rest of us have less than 8 months experience, combined.

*Our second to last holiday activity was a visit to an Indian Reservation Casino Compound. Not to worry, we haven't turned to the dark side. They had a life-sized gingerbread house on display. I think most of it was edible, although after having been touched and walked through for the past month, it was looking very un-appetizing.

*Our last holiday activity was a walk downtown through our capitol city's holiday light display. Although it was nothing compared to Temple Square, it was very beautiful. We went New Year's night and were practically alone. It was so serene in a normally bustling city. We felt pretty lucky to enjoy the beauty in a restful peace. ... After the stroll, our camera officially died.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Thoughts

We've welcomed the New Year quietly and have enjoyed staying in our pajamas way too long, not combing our hair until completely necessary, and playing together inside, and out in the snow. It's been a great break. The best thing about it is with Matt's work, he doesn't go back to the 'nose-to-the-grind' until January 25th. He still goes into work everyday, but is a lot more flexible, i.e. I can ask him to go in a little late or come home a little early, and usually he can accommodate me. It's wonderful. Meanwhile he's applying like crazy to jobs and hopefully we'll start getting call-backs within about 6 weeks.

We're excited for 2010: the New Year, and the new decade. There's always growth and opportunity. I finished reading a newspaper article today that talked of resolutions and such, and it quoted a writer with whom I'm not familiar, Edith Lovejoy Pierce, but it was such a great thought.

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day."

Happy New Year.