Monday, November 9, 2009

Word Girl

At our house we're big fans of PBS. The problem sometimes is that there are so many great shows, with only a small allotted TV-time schedule. So we pick and choose accordingly. Also since our children are so small I just write off some of the shows. One of those written off is 'Word Girl'. As a disclaimer, the show is probably very educational, but something I'm not interested in for them now.

Anyhow ... some day, some way, Wes and Kate caught a few minutes of it and now Wes is obsessed. Everyday he insists I put a red dishtowel around his neck so he can be 'Word Girl'. So I said, "Wes, you're a boy, so why don't we call you Word Boy." But he wasn't having any of it. He grabs his horse, puts on his $1 Elmo backpack from Aunt Karen, and runs around the house declaring his super-heroism.


jill said...

I love kids. They're attachment to random things is always entertaining. Way to go, Wes! Worrrrrrrd UP!

angie said...

I have seen bits and pieces of Word Girl! I love his costume! The big question is...has he worn it outside the house yet?

J and M said...

I recall playing super heroes alot. I think I even got R2d2 underoos one year! Not to worry about "word girl" (: At least s/he has super powers.

What pbs shows do you guys watch? Why do all kids love elmo (and why is it so busy for my brain).

Heather said...

Hmmm, let's see ... Dinosaur Train, Clifford, Curious George, Word World, Super Why. They also like Sid the Science Kid, although that animation and the whole approach to the show kind of drives me crazy - so I'm not completely sold, although they do seem to learn good ideas. They've never gotten into Barney, Sesame Street, or Mr. Rogers.