Monday, November 30, 2009

New Tradition

I love having a young family and creating new traditions that are 'ours'; something we didn't necessarily get from my side or M*'s.

I think W*, K*, S* and I started a new one today.

Last year I saw this idea in a magazine, and found this link this year. So after promising to do it for over a week, we finally did it today.

It was great fun and ooooohhhh the smell is wonderful. The only change we'll make is have it be an All Saints' Day activity since it takes up to 6 weeks to fully create. That way we'll be able to display it from our mantle or Christmas tree and bask in the aroma.


Rachel and Jared said...

Cool. We will have to try it (maybe we will look at yours first). Good smelling things are always welcome in our home.

J and M said...

Is that an orange with cloves in it? If it is, I remember one of those from my childhood. I LOVED it. I love holidays (:

Amber Baker said...

Ohhh, what is it made out of? I can smell it from here!